APSA Committees

APSA Committees carry out a number of different critical functions for the association. To learn more about a specific committee, click on the name below.  

Committee Appointment Process

Committee requests are collected electronically via Survey Monkey.  The request period for the 2017 appointment cycle will begin in June 2017.  Email and phone requests will not be considered.

Who should submit a request:

  • If you have never served on an APSA committee
  • If you would like to serve on another committee in addition to your current appointment
  • If your current term ends 8/31/2017, and you would like to serve on a different committee
  • If you applied, but were not appointed previously

Who should NOT submit a request:

  • If you are currently serving on a committee and do not wish to make any changes
  • Your current term ends 8/31/2017 and you wish to extend your term on the same committee. Contact your chair by June 30 to make this request.

Who is eligible to serve on APSA committees?
All members in good standing: Regular, International, Associate, Candidate, Resident and Senior members.

Appointment Terms and Notification of Appointment

  • Most appointments are for a 2-year term for chair and vice chair, 3-year term for members. Candidate and Resident members are appointed for 2-year terms as consultants. Some exceptions apply.
  • All applicants will be notified of appointment by September 1, 2017.

Questions? Contact APSA staff.

APSA Members
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Audit Committee

Peter W. Dillon - Chair
Michael J. Allshouse - Vice Chair

Board of Governors

Diana L. Farmer - President


Henri R. Ford - Chair


Max R. Langham - Chair
Roshni A. Dasgupta - Vice Chair

Childhood Obesity

Mark J. Holterman - Chair
Joy Collins - Vice Chair

CME Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

David M. Powell - Chair

Eblast Subcommittee (Outcomes Cmt)

Regan F. Williams - Chair

Education Committee

Marjorie J. Arca - Chair
Steven L. Lee - Vice Chair


Erin E. Rowell - Chair
Deborah S. Loeff - Vice Chair

Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment

Terry L. Buchmiller - Chair
Shinjiro Hirose - Vice Chair

Global Pediatric Surgery

Ai-Xuan L. Holterman - Chair
J. Ted Gerstle - Vice Chair

Health Policy and Advocacy

Max R. Langham - Chair
Marion C. Henry - Vice Chair

History ad hoc Committee

Louis M. Marmon - Chair
Moritz M. Ziegler - Chair

Industry Advisory

Marc P. Michalsky - Chair
Karen A. Diefenbach - Vice Chair

Informatics and Telemedicine

Todd A. Ponsky - Chair
Benedict C. Nwomeh - Vice Chair

IT/Website Subcommittee (Outcomes Cmt)

Tim Jancelewicz - Chair

Membership & Credentials

Harry Applebaum - Chair
Robert A. Cowles - Vice Chair

New Technology

Erik D. Skarsgard - Chair
Sean J. Barnett - Vice Chair


Elizabeth A. Beierle - Chair

Outcomes and Evidence-based Practice

Cynthia D. Downard - Chair
Adam Goldin - Vice Chair

Patient and Family Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

Romeo C. Ignacio - Chair

Practice Committee

James C. Gilbert - Chair
Barry M. Newman - Vice Chair


Daniel J. Ostlie - Chair
Casey M. Calkins - Vice Chair

PSSAP Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

Craig W. Lillehei - Chair
Charles L. Snyder - Chair


Doug Miniati - Chair
Mary J. Edwards - Vice Chair

Research Committee

Gail E. Besner - Chair

Simulation Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

Katherine A. Barsness - Chair

Social Media Subcommittee

Eric L. Lazar - Chair

Student and Resident Education Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

Joseph A. Iocono - Chair

Surgical Critical Care

Pramod S. Puligandla - Chair
Samir K. Gadepalli - Vice Chair

Surgical Quality & Safety

KuoJen Tsao - Chair
Loren Berman - Vice Chair

Survey Subcommittee (Outcomes Cmt)

Julia E. Grabowski - Chair

Telemedicine/Telementoring Subcommittee (Informatics Cmt)

Sohail R. Shah - Chair

Transplantation Subcommittee (Workforce Cmt)

Abigail E. Martin - Chair


David M. Gourlay - Chair
John Petty - Vice Chair


William T. Adamson - Chair
Stephen P. Dunn - Vice Chair