APSA Members
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Anniversary/History ad hoc Committee

Louis M. Marmon - Chair
Moritz M. Ziegler - Chair

Audit Committee

Michael J. Allshouse - Chair
Steven Stylianos - Vice Chair



Roshni A. Dasgupta - Chair
Peter F. Ehrlich - Vice Chair

Childhood Obesity

Mark J. Holterman - Chair
Joy Collins - Vice Chair

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Eblast Subcommittee (Outcomes Cmt)

Regan F. Williams - Chair

Education Committee

Marjorie J. Arca - Chair
Steven L. Lee - Vice Chair


Erin E. Rowell - Chair
Deborah S. Loeff - Vice Chair

Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment

Terry L. Buchmiller - Chair
Shinjiro Hirose - Vice Chair

Global Pediatric Surgery

Ai-Xuan L. Holterman - Chair
J. Ted Gerstle - Vice Chair

Health Policy and Advocacy

Marion C. Henry - Chair
Kathryn D. Bass - Vice Chair

Industry and Institutional Advisory

Marc P. Michalsky - Chair
Karen A. Diefenbach - Vice Chair

Informatics and Telemedicine

Benedict C. Nwomeh - Chair
Eric L. Lazar - Vice Chair

IT/Website Subcommittee (Outcomes Cmt)

Tim Jancelewicz - Chair

Membership & Credentials

Robert A. Cowles - Chair
Kevin P. Mollen - Vice Chair

New Technology

Sean J. Barnett - Chair
Nam Nguyen - Vice Chair


Marjorie J. Arca - Chair

Outcomes and Evidence-based Practice

Adam B. Goldin - Chair
Shawn D. St. Peter - Vice Chair

Patient and Family Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

Romeo C. Ignacio - Chair

Practice Committee

James C. Gilbert - Chair
Barry M. Newman - Vice Chair

Professional Development Committee

Craig W. Lillehei - Chair
Charles L. Snyder - Chair


Daniel J. Ostlie - Chair
Casey M. Calkins - Vice Chair


Doug Miniati - Chair
Mary J. Edwards - Vice Chair

Quality in Value Award Subcommittee (Quality Cmt)

David E. Skarda - Chair

Research Committee

David J. Hackam - Chair
Agostino Pierro - Vice Chair

Rural Access Task Force

Mary E. Fallat - Chair

Simulation Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

Diana L. Diesen - Chair

Social Media Subcommittee (Informatics Cmt)

Eric L. Lazar - Chair

Student and Resident Education Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

Grace Mak - Chair

Surgical Critical Care

Samir K. Gadepalli - Chair
Alexander Feliz - Vice Chair

Surgical Quality & Safety

KuoJen Tsao - Chair
Loren Berman - Vice Chair

Survey Subcommittee (Outcomes Cmt)

Julia E. Grabowski - Chair

Telemedicine Subcommittee (Informatics Cmt)

Sohail R. Shah - Chair

Transplantation Subcommittee (Workforce Cmt)

Abigail E. Martin - Chair


John K. Petty - Chair
Jeffrey S. Upperman - Vice Chair

Trauma Access Task Force

Mary E. Fallat - Chair

Visual Abstract Subcommittee (Informatics Cmt)

Allison L. Speer - Chair

Website Subcommittee (Informatics Cmt)

Francois I. Luks - Chair

Women in Pediatric Surgery Subcmt (Anniversary/Hist Cmt)

Mary E. Fallat - Chair


William T. Adamson - Chair
Stephen P. Dunn - Vice Chair