Patient and Family Subcommittee (Education Cmt)

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Subcommittee of the Education Committee. The mission of the APSA Patient/Family Subcommittee is to design and implement a premier and comprehensive, easy-to-read resource for patients and families to turn to for information on childhood surgical diseases and their respective treatments. To do this, we aim to make improvements to both the website content and navigation that will make the site easier to use. Appropriate diagrams and links will be utilized to enhance the user's learning. In the future, we plan to have the information translated into Spanish, Arabic and French. We will involve patients and families as well as pediatric nurses in designing and reviewing the content.

List of Conditions

The Patient and Family Subcommittee is adding to and updating the list of conditions on the APSA Family Resource Center website. Use it as a reference tool to help your families better understand their child's condition. View the list of conditions.


Romeo C. Ignacio - Chair
Naval Medical Ctr San Diego
Hannah G. Piper - Member
British Columbia Children's Hospital