Third-Party Advertising

APSA approves a limited amount of third party advertising through the purchase of mailing labels or emails. Examples include:

  • Recruiting for pediatric surgery positions, promotion of educational symposia/lectures
  • Solicitation for participation in academic surveys

View the fee schedule below.

 Service Type   Fee  Comments
 Survey Email 

 Solicitation of APSA members
 for participation in an academic  survey. 
 $500-  Members  All surveys are subject to review and approval of the APSA  Outcomes and Evidence-Based Practice committee and/or  the APSA Board of Governors. 

 If approved, an APSA member will be appointed by the  chair  of the Outcomes and Evidence-Based Practice  Committee to  serve as an author on the survey.  
 Clinical Trial/Study Email

 Solicitation of data or subjects  for Clinical Trial/Study. 
 No Charge –  with APSA  Member on  Team
 $2,000 –  without APSA  Member on  Team
 All trial/study requests are subject to review and approval of  the APSA Outcomes and Evidence-Based Practice  Committee and/or the APSA Board of Governors.
 Third Party Advertising:
 Email/Mail List/Mailing Labels

 Recruiting for pediatric surgery  positions; promotion of  educational  symposia/lectures,etc.

 $1,500 per  email  All promotional material must be forwarded to APSA  headquarters for approval by the APSA Board of Governors.

Download the Mail List Rental Information and Form.

To find out more, contact Katherine Segreti, +1-847-686-2371 or