Manuscript Submission

Manuscript submission is available February 15 – March 15, 2018.

Authors who are the designated contacts for their abstract received notification of manuscript submission with a unique link to the submission site.   

Authors presenting podium or poster abstracts with oral presentations are encouraged to submit manuscripts for publication in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery. In addition, high-scoring manuscripts will be eligible for Visual Abstract Display during the 2018 annual meeting. Manuscript submission is optional and not required for abstract presentation, except for those abstracts identified as candidates for the Quality Award.  Video presentations and display-only posters are not eligible.

Selected manuscripts will be published in the January 2019 issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

Submission Instructions

  1. The entire manuscript must be submitted as one MS Word file: text and tables/graphics/pictures included.
  2. Submissions that do not adhere to the instructions will not be considered for publication.
  3. The submission is required to be original work and not published previously.
  4. Files must be in MS Word format and may not exceed 3MB.
  5. Manuscripts must be double-spaced and are limited to 12 pages, including illustrations. Page limit does not include title, legend and reference pages.
  6. Manuscript information should be displayed in the following order:
    • Title page:    
      • Title
      • Authors’ first and last names
      • Institutions represented
      • Name, mailing address, telephone and e-mail address of the corresponding author
      • Author contributions in one or more of the following categories (ghost-writing is not acceptable and contributors who do not meet the following criteria should be listed in the acknowledgement):
        • study conception and design
        • acquisition of data
        • analysis and interpretation of data
        • drafting of manuscript
        • critical revision of manuscript
      • Level of Evidence (for clinical studies, see above)
      • Type of study
      • Abstract – 200 words: Background/purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusions 
      • Keywords – up to 6 (index words no longer used)
      • Body of manuscript
      • References 
      • Legend sheet for figures. Figures are labeled according to the legend sheet.
  1. Tables and figures should be cited in order with their position marked in the margin of the manuscript.
  2. References must be double-spaced, numbered and compiled according to citation order in the text, in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery/Vancouver format.
  3. For clinical research studies, authors are encouraged to follow the JPS Clinical Research Guidelines (see link above).
Questions? Contact APSA Staff