In Memoriam

Dr. Albert H. Wilkinson, Jr.

died 2013

(from his obituary posted in the Florida Times-Union)

Dr. Albert H. Wilkinson died on July 10, 2013, at the age of 86. After post-doctoral training in New Orleans, Atlanta and Chicago, Albert was offered a faculty position at Northwestern University but declined in order to return to Jacksonville and become the first Pediatric Surgeon in Florida. He began his practice, serving all hospitals in Duval County and continuing his research. Dr. Wilkinson performed the first successful corrective surgery on a newborn with their heart outside their body. Wilkinson formed Pediatric Surgical Associates with his former resident, Dr. Warner Webb. They later merged their practice into the Nemours Children's Clinic where Albert was the Founding Medical Director. Albert helped create the first Tumor Registry in the State of Florida to track children's cancers and management. After retiring from clinical practice, Albert remained a Consultant at Nemours and wrote two books on the history of children s health care in Jacksonville. He was Executive Director of the Florida Association of Children's Hospitals for more than a decade. Even as an octogenarian, Albert could be found in the halls of the State Capitol and congressional office buildings, lobbying for improvements in children's health care. Read the full obituary.