In Memoriam

Dr. Daniel T. Cloud


(From Phoenix Children's Hospital)

It is with deep sadness that we share with you the passing of APSA Charter Member, Daniel T. Cloud, Jr., MD.

Following an extensive career in the military, which began during World War II, the Cloud's moved their young family to Phoenix on the Fourth of July, 1955, where Dr. Cloud became the first pediatric surgeon in the state. He loved being a doctor and spent countless hours caring for children. Dr. Cloud was the first Arizonan to serve as president of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Cloud knew there was a need for a children's hospital in Phoenix, and dreamed of establishing one. In 1983, his dream came true.  

Dr. Cloud was responsible for establishing Phoenix Children's Hospital as an accredited independent hospital, and later arranging for the incorporation of the Good Sam NICU into Phoenix Children's Hospital. He convinced Good Samaritan CEO Steve Morris that the children's hospital should be independent from Good Samaritan, and negotiated with them to finally relinquish control over their pediatric beds.

Dr. Cloud served as the Founding President of Phoenix Children's Hospital from 1983 until his retirement in December of 1990. He passed away on July 6, 2010, only one month before his 85th birthday.

Dr. Cloud is survived by his wife, Virginia; two daughters, one son, and grandchildren.  He will be missed by many friends, co-workers, and former patients.