In Memoriam

Dr. Felicien M. Steichen


(From colleague and collaborator in writings, Ruth Wolsch, RN)

“Dr. Steichen was a pioneer in surgical stapling and was responsible for the innovation, design and execution of many of the surgical stapling procedures performed routinely today, such as the functional end-to-end anastomosis and the triple stapling techniques. He wrote and lectured extensively on the techniques of surgical stapling, both domestically and internationally. He authored or co-authored 18 books, 50 book chapters, three monographs and 125 articles for publication, and he served on five journal editorial boards. He completed 17 films, 10 of which were accepted to the American College of Surgeons Film Library. Steichen was internationally honored for his contribution in many forms including the Felicien M. Steichen Chair in Surgery at New York Medical College and the Felicien Steichen Prize for Bio-Technical Research given each year to a surgical researcher by the German Association of Surgery.”

Dr. Steichen was a long-time APSA member. At the request of the family, please direct any questions or specific queries regarding a memorial service to his son, Francois M. Steichen, , +1-203-461-5865. The memorial service is expected to take place in October in Larchmont.