In Memoriam

Dr. Frank Douglas Stephens

died 2011

Dr. Stephens was one of the true pioneers in Children's Surgery.

(excerpt from Durham Smith, a professional associate of Dr. Stephens' for 55 years)

Douglas Stephens died on 10th December 2011 at the age of 98 years. There are some scientists who have an encyclopaedic knowledge of a subject, or who systematize a body of existing knowledge, but, valuable as this may be, they do not necessarily advance that science. Frank Douglas Stephens was one who broke through barriers and made such original observations that our understanding was advanced into new directions. He was a master of the patho-embryology of developmental processes in congenital abnormalities. In the areas of the urinary, genital and ano-rectal systems, he was the most prolific and significant contributor in the world.  Read the full article from Durham Smith.