In Memoriam

Dr. Jessie L. Ternberg

(died 2016)

"The Source" from Washington University in St. Louis

Jessie L. Ternberg, PhD, MD, died July 9, 2016, at the age of 92. She was professor emerita of surgery and surgery in pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine. Ternberg, who had been an APSA member, helped pave the way for women in medicine. She was the first female surgery resident and first femaile chief resident at (then) Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. Ternberg was instrumental in establishing the Division of Pediatric Surgery and was named its director and became the first woman to be elected head of the School of Medicine’s faculty council. Ternberg may best be recognized as the author of "A Handbook for Pediatric Surgery", which became known as the bible of pediatric surgery. Read more about Ternberg's accomplishments.