In Memoriam

Dr. R. Peter Altman

died 2011

(Published in The New York Times on July 29, 2011)

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend and colleague Dr. R. Peter Altman, the Rudolph N. Schullinger Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Surgery (in Surgery and Pediatrics) at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. A beloved member of the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia community for more than thirty years, Dr. Altman made many important contributions to the care of infants and children. During his extraordinary career, he held several leadership positions, including Physician-in-Chief for the New York-Presbyterian Children's Health System and Surgeon-in-Chief at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. He played a major role in the development of Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, from conceptualization to completion and beyond. A distinguished clinician and researcher, he introduced a surgical technique to correct the fatal congenital liver condition biliary atresia, helping numerous children live into adulthood. A leader in pediatric surgical education, he mentored scores of fellows who went on to have distinguished careers. We remember Dr. Altman for his wry wit and his serious commitment to helping children and their families. Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his wife, Hanna; sons Robert and James; four grandchildren; sister, Linda; and the entire Altman family.