Regular Membership


Regular members must be licensed to practice surgery in the United States or Canada. Applicants must have a practice devoted entirely to pediatric surgery and may not be elected to membership until he or she has practiced pediatric surgery for one year after completion of the required surgical training and be able to provide a comprehensive current one year case log.



  • ExPERT – APSA’s online CME Program
  • Pediatric Surgery NaT – APSA’s online resource to keep the current general surgical care of children at your fingertips
  • APSA Annual Meeting registration
  • Journal of Pediatric Surgery subscription

Resources & News

Collaboration & Networking

  • Voting privileges
  • Serve on APSA committees
  • Hold office as APSA leadership
  • Collaboration with the pediatric surgery community
  • Pediatric surgery-specific news


Annual member dues are $525. All Regular members are required to carry an annual subscription to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery at the special rate of $189 for print/digital or $151 for digital.


Membership applications are completed online. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

To apply for Regular Membership, you must complete an application and case log form.

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Download the Case Log Form (Excel format - 29 KB)

Questions? contact APSA staff.