Curbing appetite can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced world. After all, we’re surrounded by quick and easy snacks. And with all of us balancing work, a personal life, and relationships, finding time to eat balanced meals can be difficult.

One important element in maintaining a healthy metabolism is the management of the types of calories we eat. There’s a reason we feel more full when we eat some foods, but other foods leave us feeling hungry. When we eat sugar, our body either burns it quickly, or stores it in fat cells as triglycerides. What that really means is that when we eat simple sugars (candy, muffins, white rice) our body burns them or gets them out of our digestive system very fast.

And that’s what’s meant by ‘empty calories.’ When we eat sugar, our bodies don’t ‘feel full.’ But when we eat high fiber and high protein foods, our bodies take longer to digest them. And longer to process them. Which in turn makes us feel fuller, longer.

Best Appetite Suppressants


   Best overall  

Rating 4.9


   Best for women  

Rating 4.8


   Best herbal option

Rating 4.5


Best cannabis option

Rating 4.5

instant knockout

Best shredding appetite suppressant

Rating 4.4

How Appetite Suppressants Work

The first way most Appetite Suppressants work is to help us with our fiber intake. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults should be eating between 25 and 38 grams of fiber every day. That’s a lot of fiber. 

But it doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that most of us don’t get nearly that much fiber in our diets. And we’re missing two key functions when we don’t get enough fiber. The first is that fiber helps us feel more full. The second is that fiber can help bond with sugars and fats in our system, slowing down how fast we convert sugar to triglycerides, and preventing us from absorbing the fats altogether.

The second way most Appetite Suppressants work is to stimulate our bodies to burn calories more effectively. You can think of the body as loving routines. And when we’ve gotten our bodies into the routine of consuming sugar and storing it as fat, it’s hard to break that routine.

That’s where good supplements can come into play. But stimulating the body to either treat sugar differently, or energize us to burn the sugar off, you can change your body’s routine. That can translate into eating less, and feeling better.

Why We Recommended these Appetite Suppressants

The short answer to why we recommended these supplements is: they work! We did our research into dozens of supplements, and we found these five to recommend to you.

We’ve researched these appetite suppressants, their ingredients, and their side effects. These are all safe, the ingredients are well-researched, and they’re effective. Finally, we’ve rated them all ‘Best’ of a category. That means that they’re all targeted to a specific lifestyle or need.

PhenQ: Best Overall

Unlike many appetite suppressants, PhenQ was developed to be an all-around wellness supplement. That means it will not only help you eat less and burn more calories, but it was researched to be a total mind and body supplement. 

Also, unlike most supplements, PhenQ has a unique ingredient, beside fiber and energy compounds. PhenQ uses a trademarked ingredient called α-Lacys Reset.

 This compound’s main ingredient is something called Alpha-lipoic acid, or ALA. This is a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps break down carbohydrates and provide energy. This type of carbohydrate processing is essential in breaking your body’s routine of burning it or storing it.

There aren’t many appetite suppressants on the market that utilize Lacys Reset, and what makes PhenQ so powerful is that they have maximized the results you may see from ALA.

For maximizing the ALA, PhenQ has that all-important fiber, in the form of the Nopal plant. It is a natural fiber that works by expanding with water in your system to help you feel you fuller. 

PhenQ also has chromium, an essential mineral, that has been shown to curb carb cravings and improve mood. Every ingredient in PhenQ does work, so there’s no waste, and you also don’t have to worry about paying for things that don’t work.

PhenQ also has capscium as part of a proprietary blend they call their “Capsimax Powder.” Many of the ingredients you’ll find in the other fat-burners are in this Capsimax Powder, but PhenQ has gone the extra mile by combining those ingredients into a special formula.

The branded PhenQ supplement’s ALA has also been suggested to protect brain function. This is important because as we eat less in general, and burn more sugar, our brains will notice a chemical change. When we have less sugar in our system, our mood could be affected. PhenQ’s ALA has been researched to protect us from low mood swings.

We recommend PhenQ as an appetite suppressant because of its technological formula. It has scientifically backed studies suggesting its efficacy, and they boast over +190,000 positive reviews. Combined with a money back guarantee and we think this is the supplement to try for just about anybody. 

On their website they are offering 3 months, plus a free 2 months supply, for $189.95, with a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • Suppresses appetite
  • Trademarked Lacys Reset ingredient
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves overall health and mood


  • Because PhenQ uses proprietary formulas, there is no generic option

Leanbean: Best for Women

Leanbean is unique to our list in that it relies on a formula specifically designed for women. Sorry, men, this one’s not for you.

As we discussed above, fiber works in the body, swelling with water already present in your system and helping you feel fuller. But not all fibers are created equally. Some, like psyllium fiber, are purely for digestive aid.

Leanbean uses the proven fiber Glucomannan. This natural plant fiber will fit the bill for all that you need fiber to do. Not only will it help you suppress your appetite, fiber will also bond with lipids in your digestive tract, helping your body process fats without absorbing as many of them. And it’s all natural.

In addition to the Glucomannan, Leanbean also has some all-natural thermogenic nutrients that will help your cells and muscles burn calories more effectively. That means you won’t simply store up the unused sugar you do eat as fat. It also means that because your body is being more efficient, it will crave sugar less often.

Because an appetite suppressant alone won’t give you the same benefits of appetite suppressant combined with increased exercise, Leanbean has included an all-natural blend of green tea and Vitamins B6 and B12 to increase your energy and focus. This will help motivate you to get more effective workouts.

 We recommend Leanbean as an all-natural, women-focused appetite suppressant. It works, and it Glucomannan is among the best fiber supplements on the market.

Leanbean can be a little more expensive. Their website offers a 3 months supply, plus 1 free month, for $189.97, with a 90 day money back guarantee. But they also offer free shipping, with that bundle, and a free downloadable workout routine.


  • Glucomannan fiber is on the cutting edge.
  • Strong appetite suppressant.
  • Specially designed for the woman’s body.
  • All natural and vegan-friendly formula.


  • Because it is specially formulated for women, we’re not able to review this product for men.

Zotrim: Best Herbal Appetite Suppressant

Zotrim is actually the leader in two categories: not only is it all herbal, it also boasts some of the best clinical study data.

Zotrim relies on five simple ingredients to deliver scientifically studied results. The first is a Yerba mate leaf extract.

 From South America, this extract will not only help you fight fatigue, but it will also help curb your appetite. It has more antioxidants than green tea, and has even been shown to help reduce your body’s tendency to form new fat.

The Guarana seed extract in Zotrim will give your energy and metabolism a big boost. The reason this is important in an appetite suppressant is that your body tends to crave more calories when it’s storing sugars inefficiently. By retooling your metabolism to burn sugars better, you can stop the cycle of craving carbs right after you’ve eaten them.

As we discussed above, when we start eating less carbohydrates, it could affect our mood. To help with that, Zotrim has included a Damiana leaf extract, the third and final herbal ingredient in Zotrim. This subtle mood assistance can not only help you feel better, it can help you avoid eating sugars to try and feel better.

The final two ingredients in Zotrim are caffeine and a vitamin B complex. The caffeine will help focus your mind, so it doesn’t wander to thoughts of that doughnut in the break room. The vitamins B3 and B6 help retrain your body to a healthier metabolism, which again, helps us burn sugar in a more efficient manner.

If herbal supplements are important to you, then we highly recommend Zotrim as an appetite suppressant. Not only does it have five simple ingredients, three of them are South American herbal extracts with years’ worth of use and study.

In addition to that, Zotrim boasts on their website of clinical studies, papers written on their effectiveness, and even how they beat out a prescription medication in weight loss.

On their website, Zotrim is offering 3 months, plus 2 free months (5 total) for $149.99. This includes free shipping.


  • Herbal and all-natural
  • Backed by a number of studies and papers
  • Five simple ingredients
  • Includes energy and mood supplements


  • Does not have a fiber supplement

Fab CBD Oil: Best Cannabis Appetite Suppressant

It may seem odd to include a CBD product on our list, but the testimony of so many thousands of people cannot be ignored. Fab CBD is unique in our reviews in that it contains no fiber, or stimulants. Instead, it relies on the natural effects of CBD in your body to suppress appetite and improve mood.

First, a few quick words about CBD. The cannabis plant contains two noteworthy compounds. One, THC, is still illegal in many places, and has psychoactive effects. The second compound is cannabidiol, usually referred to as CBD.

CBD has been reported to improve mood, lower anxiety, and ease pains and aches. It has also been suggested to block the receptors in our brains that trigger cravings for salty, fatty, and sugary foods. Now, a person may wonder how that could be, when the ‘munchies’ are so ingrained in public awareness. Well, according to an article by dietician Cara Rosenbloom, it is the THC that causes us to crave foods.

If you are keen on CBD products, and have heard about taking a supplement as part of a weight loss regimen, then you should take one of the best CBD products on the market. By our research, that’s Fab CBD Oil

One of the reasons CBD oil may also help you curb cravings is the mood enhancing effects it can have. Like we’ve mentioned in a few other reviews, our mood and our appetite and diet have a direct relationship. When we eat less, our mood goes down. Also, we tend to help our feelings out with a little snack.

With CBD oil, you may be able to improve your mood, lower your stress, and ease anxiety. All of which can lead to less cravings for sugars and fatty foods.

At Fab CBD, they use only the highest grade Colorado hemp. Their product has been tested, and it’s organic. That means you’re getting only the best quality ingredients in your CBD supplement.

For a CBD appetite suppressant, we recommend Fab CBD Oil. It’s available on their website for as little as $39.99. For higher potencies, they offer payment plans through the sizzle. 


  • All natural, organic hemp
  • Full spectrum CBD product
  • Available in different flavors and potencies


  • Full spectrum also means it contains THC; if you have employment or personal reasons for not taking THC, you should avoid this product

Instant Knockout: Best Shredding Appetite Suppressant

Let’s be honest. Many of us want to curb our cravings so we can have a better physique. For total weight loss and body shaping, we recommend Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout is a total formula for burning fat and suppressing cravings. Right up top, it has that special fiber, glucomannan. 

instant knockout

Caffeine and Theanine work together, in Instant Knockout. The caffeine provides its trademark energy boosts, while the Theanine helps smooth out the edges of the caffeine. That means you won’t feel the jagged jolt, or the sharp drop off, afterward.

To key up your metabolism, Instant Knockout has three key thermogenic ingredients. Thermogenics are supplements that increase your metabolic rate (literally “heating” up your cells). This means you’ll burn through your calories quicker, and even burn through some calories you’ve already stored in your system.

The thermogenic ingredients in Instant Knockout are green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and black pepper extract. These all-natural ingredients have been clinically studied to not only help you better metabolize the carbohydrates you eat, but also burn through the reserves you may have stored as fat.

Instant Knockout also has three important vitamins to help your total body health: D3, B6, and B12. These vitamins are not only important for metabolizing the foods we ingest, they are also associated with lower Body Mass Indices.

If you’re looking for a total-body weight loss, we recommend Instant Knockout as your appetite suppressant.

It is available on their website for 3 bottles, plus one for free, for $185. If you subscribe, however, you can save an additional 10%.


  • Total weight loss formula
  • Increased Thermogenics
  • Caffeine stabilizing Theanine


  • On the more expensive side

Are There Any Side Effects?

All of the products we reviewed tout all-natural and scientifically researched ingredients. They have studied them to not interact with other medications or supplements. We couldn’t find any side effects listed for any product. 

That being said, one of our recommendations, Fab CBD Oil, does contain trace amounts of THC. This psychoactive compound can react with your body and mental state, and is still illegal in some jurisdicitons.


Eating right and exercising are important to gaining and maintaining a healthy physique. But sometimes it can be difficult to achieve our goals when we’re so busy, and there are so many easier roads to go down.

That’s why taking appetite suppressants can be such an effective way to work toward a healthier body. Appetite suppressants can not only help us eat less, they can also help us re-train our body chemistry to process the foods we do eat in a better fashion. 

Supplements can also be a great way to get back into our bodies what the modern diet has taken out. After all, the food market is so focused on ‘low-fat,’ and ‘zero sugar,’ that they’ve forgotten to put good stuff back into what we eat.

That’s especially important in a diet program. After all, if we’re taking an appetite suppressant, it’s important for us to realize that we need to not only take things out of our habits, we need to put good things in.

Supplements can take care of that. Especially when it comes to fiber, thermogenics, and important vitamins, like the B Complex. We’ve researched the above five appetite suppressants to help fill those needs in a diet and exercise routine.

We highly recommend any of the five products above based on your fitness goals and lifestyle choices.

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