It’s easy to feel lost in the seemingly endless sea of supplements. But looking for the best Omega 3 supplement shouldn’t be like going fishing at all.

There are specific things you need to look out for when choosing an Omega 3. Such as the EPA & DHA dosage, with the ideal supplement containing 500mg of DHA fatty acids.

Once you’ve chosen the right Omega 3, you’ll open yourself up to a wide range of benefits including improved heart health, reduced cholesterol levels, and even increased fat loss (with numerous clinical studies supporting all these benefits and more).

The bad news is that 99% of the Omega 3 supplements on the market are underdosed, and therefore ineffective.

Luckily for you, we’ve consulted doctors and spent the time doing the research for you. To find the 1% of products that actually work.

Looking for the best omega 3 supplements was like sitting on the judging panel for America’s Got Talent: tons of disappointment, made all the more sweeter when pressing the golden buzzer for the perfect product - Elite Omega 3.

Just look at the supplement facts label and you’ll see why. It’s not often you find an Omega 3 supplying 576mg of DHA alone, with an additional 884mg of EPA.

That’s an overall 1480mg dosage of Omega 3. For $29 for 30 servings, you won’t find better value than this.

With an optimal dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids that VIIT’s Elite Omega 3 provides, you can be sure you’ll experience benefits such as; improved joint health, heart health, and brain function.


  • Rare Optimal dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids - you don’t often see over 500mg of DHA in a product offering a total of 1480mg Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Proven to improve heart health - countless studies show that Omega 3 supplementation  can lower cholesterol.
  • Effective at improving brain function - studies show that an EPA rich formula can enhance neurocognitive abilities.
  • Enhanced joint health & mobility - daily supplementation of Omega 3 significantly improved joints in clinical studies.
  • Best value for money product - offering 1480mg Omega 3 fatty acids for $29 is outstanding value that we haven’t seen beaten.


  • You can only buy direct from the official site: - this product is not available on Amazon, GNC or other vendors.

What Makes Elite Omega 3 Our Top Choice:

Many companies try to sell you Omega 3 supplements, referring to clinical studies while only including much lower dosages used for positive results.

With Elite Omega 3, you can see that they’ve actually consulted doctors while formulating it; it contains over 1g of overall Omega 3 fatty acids, which is standard in clinical studies where Omega 3 has shown to be effective at improving joint health and more [2].

Not only that, many of the studies show that an EPA rich formula is needed in improving brain function - with Elite Omega 3 providing exactly this, with over 800mg of EPA [3].

It’s also rare to find an Omega 3 supplement that contains over 500mg of DHA alone. And all for a price of $29 for 1 months serving? VIIT’s Elite Omega 3 is an easy choice.

Customer Reviews

As a consumer, you know that you rarely leave reviews unless something is extraordinary. So, we’re pleasantly surprised to see a great number of positive reviews from this newly released Omega 3 supplement in 2022.

As we’ve mentioned, Elite Omega 3 is incredible value for money, with many online reviews mentioning this aspect too.

Value for money can mean different things to different people. So, we’re giving you another option at a higher price point, but offering 2 products in 1.

Flex Relief XL is a combo package that provides customers with a 1 months supply of Omega 3, as well as 1 months supply of turmeric gummies - to really help protect your joints.

Flex Relief XL uses premium Krill oil as its omega 3, which is apparently more bioavailable than other forms of Omega 3. But again this comes at more of a cost to the customer.

So, if you want more than just an Omega 3 supplement, Flex Relief XL is a convenient package that offers further joint health benefits.


  • 500mg overall dosage of EPA & DHA
  • 1 months supply of 2 products,  Krill Oil Omega 3 and turmeric gummies products
  • Convenient package for customers who don’t like to shop around
  • Heavily focused on joint health
  • Olympic athletes feature on website


  • More expensive overall than Elite Omega 3
  • You can only buy direct from the official site:

With millions of dollars being spent on advertising Omega XL, we’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this product. With the likes of Larry King promoting it, it’s become a well known option when looking for an Omega 3.

But this only proves that the most well known supplements aren’t always the best options on the market.

That being said, it’s certainly good enough to come in at number 3 on our list of the best omega 3 supplements this year. Which you’ll be pleased to hear, since it comes with a big price tag of over $45 for 1 months supply (over double the price of VIIT Elite Omega 3 for wayyy less total Omega 3 fatty acids).


Actually, it’s extremely difficult to find the exact dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids offered in Omega XL. We had to buy this blind and wait until it was delivered to check out its supplement facts label.

So, remember. Do your due diligence with research instead of being totally sold on the star power of celebrities endorsing each product alone.


  • A well known Omega 3 supplement on the market.
  • Comes with positive reviews from customers


  • All ingredients are contained within a mysterious proprietary blend - you’re not shown the actual dosage of individual DHA or EPA fatty acids, making it pot luck.
  • In our honest opinion, Omega XL isn’t worth its price tag of over $45 for 1 months supply

The most expensive option on this list, but still worth including due to its respectable dosages of total Omega 3 fatty acids.

It offers 1280mg total Omega 3s, which is still less than our number 1 choice Viit Elite Omega 3. And it also comes at a huge price tag of $69.95 too.

It also offers just shy of the 500mg DHA dosage we always look for, containing a still respectable 450mg.

All in all, a decent option that deserves a mention on our list.


  • 1280mg total Omega 3 fatty acids
  • 650mg EPA dosage


  • Huge price tag just under $70
  • Contains just under the 500mg DHA dosage we look for
  • Available at a range of vendors, so customer experience varies

Containing a respectable total omega 3 dosage of 690mg, Perricone MD Omega 3 just about makes it onto our list.

At a price of $42 for a 30 day supply, it’s not the best value for money on our list either (considering VIIT Elite Omega 3 comes at $29 and offers much higher total Omega 3 overall dosage).

This is a great example of why you need to research yourself before choosing a product; looking at the supplement facts label, you’ll see that it contains 3000mg of Salmon Oil, which may sound great - but this only amounts to a 690mg total Omega 3 dosage.

All this being said, 690mg of Omega 3 fatty acids is far from the worst we’ve seen on the market. Which is why we’re adding Perricone MD Omega 3 to our list at number 5.


  • Total 690mg Omega 3 fatty acids dosage


  • Almost half of the total omega 3 dosage of the number 1 option on this list
  • More than double the price of the number 1 option at $42 per 30 day serving
  • Not very good customer reviews

Top Tips on Choosing an Omega 3 Supplement (Over the Counter) 

We’ve shown you our 5 best omega 3 supplement brand products. Now, we’ll go into a bit more detail into why we’ve chosen them.

Always look for a total omega 3 dosage of over 1g (1000mg) 

If you’re like us and enjoy reading clinical reviews about certain nutrients, you’ll know that each study uses a certain dosage (or several including a placebo, depending on the study) throughout, in order to judge how effective different dosages are.

Why? Because, even if an ingredient has shown to work, it usually only works when taken in certain dosages.

The optimal dosage for Omega 3 tends to be 1g (1000mg). For example, the specific study by DiNicolantonio et al.,[2] concludes by supporting the recommendation by the American Heart Association to consume 1g total omega 3 fatty acids of DHA and EPA on a daily basis to support cardiovascular health.

Choose an EPA rich Omega 3 for Improved Brain Function 

So, you know to choose an Omega 3 supplement with at least 1g total DHA and EPA dosage included.

Well, now, we’ll add another factor into the mix if you’re looking to also boost your cognitive performance: make sure the particular Omega 3 you choose contains a respectable amount of EPA.

The reason is due to a clinical study conducted by Bauer et al.,[3]; this study concludes by stating “an EPA-rich supplementation” resulted in the “participants’ brains [working] less hard and [achieving] a better cognitive performance than prior to supplementation”.

You don’t always find that clinical studies come to a concrete conclusion, but in the case of Bauer et al, it’s pretty clear that consuming an EPA rich Omega 3 supplement really delivers cognitive benefits.

You’re most likely starting to really understand why VIIT’s Elite Omega 3 is our best choice for the reasons mentioned so far, with its formula containing over 800mg of EPA via a total omega 3 dosage of 1480mg.

Don’t get ripped off. You earned your hard earned cash, so don’t waste it.

One of the reasons we created is because we hated seeing the amount of low quality, expensive supplements on the market.

We, like you, wasted tons of cash on ineffective supplements before we educated ourselves and began consulting doctors in order to provide you with the best knowledge available online.

The truth is, there’s only “so good” an Omega 3 supplement can get. So, in reality, no company should ever be charging over $40 for a 1 month supply of Omega 3.

Unfortunately, we have had to recommend some on this list. Which, more than anything, shows the lack of quality options on the market.

However, we were happy that we were able to find a number 1 option that also offers the best value for money at $29 for 1 month supply: VIIT Elite Omega 3.

Always refer to our previous points about checking the total dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as the individual dosages of EPA and DHA within it. The supplement facts label never lies.

Best Omega 3 for Men and Women

You’ve probably seen the supplement brands that target women into parting with their hard earned cash. With their pink bottles with images of what they believe to be the “perfect women” plastered all over them.

But do men or women really need specific omega 3 supplements?

The answer is no: there haven’t been sufficient clinical studies proving that women benefit from consuming different dosages to men. As a result, there are no official recommendations from the American Heart Association or doctors for different genders to consume different dosages either.

So, don’t be fooled by any marketing tricks. The best omega 3 supplement for men will absolutely be the best option for women too.

Best Time to Take Omega 3

Whenever you choose to buy a supplement, you should always look into the best times to take them. For example, if a product contains caffeine, you probably shouldn’t take it past 4pm to ensure you don’t disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Before consulting with doctors and educating ourselves, we probably wouldn’t have believed that there were optimal times to take an Omega 3 supplement (being totally honest).

However, there are genuinely clinical studies showing that there may indeed be certain times that are best to consume Omega 3 supplements:

Try to consume Omega 3 with a meal - A study by KC, Maki et al.,[4] states that Omega 3 can be poorly absorbed when consumed without a meal containing dietary fat.

Don’t consume Omega 3 with a low fat meal - CV, Shacky’s clinical study [5] observed that participants consuming an Omega 3 supplement with a low fat meal didn’t absorb the Omega 3 fatty acids very well at all.

So, what’s the best time to take Omega 3? The answer is with a meal containing a respectable amount of dietary fat (eg. not a low fat meal). And certainly not on an empty stomach.

Conclusion: The Best Omega 3 For You

If you’ve read this whole page, then congratulations - you’ve really helped to educate yourself on how to choose a top omega 3 product.

But if you’ve skimmed right to this conclusion, we’ll give you a super short summary of this page.

VIIT’s Elite Omega 3 is our top recommended option

This Omega 3 supplement really ticks all the boxes. VIIT Elite Omega 3 contains over 1g of total Omega 3 fatty acids (1480mg to be exact), in a formula that offers over 500mg DHA and is also EPA rich with over 800mg EPA.

All of the above means that it offers you the best chance to really benefit from improved brain function, cardiovascular (heart) health, improved joints and mobility and more.

Always remember, the supplement facts label never lies. So always check them on every supplement you decide to buy.

Get Best Omega 3 Supplement: 

VIIT Elite Omega 3

  • Improve joint health and mobility
  • May help cardiovascular health
  • Strengthen key connective tissues
  • Boosts mental function and brain health
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