Reaching your fitness goals can be a challenge. It takes time, energy, and hours of training to build muscle and strength. Supplements specifically targeted at building muscle mass can make a huge difference in your training program and help you to achieve your goals.

The list of supplements below could enhance your fitness routine and help reach your personal milestones. After a tough workout, they can help your body rebuild and recover. Let’s look at some of the most highly rated supplements available for muscle building. 

Top 7 Supplements for Building Muscle:



Strongest natural testosterone booster


High quality whey protein powder


Great supplement for before

your workout


Best supplement for burning belly fat


Ideal for weight training and HIIT

1. TestoPrime

Testosterone is crucially important when you’re trying to build muscle, and the older you are the less you will produce. It’s natural for this hormone to decline as you age, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to build muscle. TestoPrime is a supplement that mainly works to increase testosterone levels – making it a great option for older people and those with low testosterone levels. By helping to build stronger muscle cells, you may even start to feel decades younger!Among the effects of low testosterone is fatigue, which makes it more challenging to do intense workouts such as HIIT.

In helping to increase testosterone levels, TestoPrime can make you feel stronger and able to take on harder exercise routines. Men in their 30s and 40s recommend TestoPrime for increasing testosterone levels, energy, and strength. Its twelve natural ingredients are combined to help build muscle mass and boost testosterone.A prescription from your doctor isn’t required to get hold of TestoPrime, which has a natural formula researched specially by scientists. In addition to addressing the effects of low testosterone, this supplement has been reported to reduce belly fat and can decrease stress levels by more than 70%. Our metabolisms also don’t work as effectively when we get older, making fat loss more difficult. The natural ingredients in TestoPrime can aid fat loss and boost your energy levels from morning until night. PhenQ review to learn more.


  • Voted No. 1 testosterone booster supplement
  • No prescription needed
  • Reported to reduce stress levels over time
  • Twelve all-natural ingredients
  • A natural formula developed through scientific research
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly recommended for men age 30+
  • Can increase energy and strength for more intense workouts
  • Designed to address low testosterone levels


  • No focus on recovery before or after your workout
  • Positive effects can take several months to experience  


  • TestoPrime could help to address the impact of low testosterone levels
  • It has a formula that is completely natural and has been backed by scientific research
  • This supplement could help to increase your testosterone levels
  • It could also increase your muscle mass and strength levels
  • You could experience stress reduction of more than 70%, which in turn promotes healthy muscle gain
  • TestoPrime could help to burn more fat, particularly belly fat
  • It could help you to get more energy for intensive workouts such as HIIT

User Experience

People in Australia who have used TestoPrime reported on the positive effects which last a long time. The majority of people who use this supplement are above the age of 30. They reported higher energy levels and improvements to their strength after taking the supplement. 

Most people using TestoPrime said their endurance had improved, and they also saw positive effects when it came to fat loss and reductions in stress. 

2. Tri-Protein

Whey protein is an important factor when trying to build muscle and combined with strength training can produce some significant results. Regularly including whey protein in your diet is vital for improving your strength and muscle mass. 

A supplement that is perfect before and after your workouts, Tri-Protein comes in a chocolate flavour and gives you the optimum intake of daily protein and helps achieve your daily or weekly macros. You can’t always get enough protein from food alone, so protein shakes are the ideal addition to your diet. Whey protein can easily be added to your daily smoothie or shake.

The sweet flavour of Tri-Protein means that it can help give you a boost without turning to large quantities of sugar and other processed foods. There are six sources of protein that your body can absorb instantly, helping you to feel the results of the supplement straight away.

After your workout, Tri-Protein can help your muscles to recover quickly so you can get ready for the next session. It can promote maintenance of strong and healthy muscle mass, helping you to keep your gains even when you’ve had a few days out of the gym. 


  • A sweet chocolate flavour to help curb cravings and give you a boost
  • Can help with muscle recovery after an intense workout
  • May increase muscle mass
  • A rich source of protein to help reach your daily or weekly macros
  • Fast absorbing so you can feel the results quickly


  • No focus on combating low testosterone levels
  • Not suitable for before a workout


  • Each serving gives you 21g of protein and can help achieve your macros
  • Tri-Protein comes in a delicious chocolate flavour to give you a sweet boost and curb sugar cravings 
  • This supplement focuses on post-workout recovery and can help your muscles to feel less sore after an intense session
  • It can also improve swelling, pain, and the effects of injuries caused by working out
  • It can help you to build and maintain healthy and strong muscle mass

User Experience

Those who rated Tri-Protein commented on the chocolate flavour of this protein powder, made with real cocoa powder. Customers liked that they could absorb a high level of protein in a quick and tasty shake. 

As well as highly rating this supplement for its ability to aid muscle recovery, people who regularly take Tri-Protein enjoyed that it helped to satisfy sugar cravings. 

3. Intensive Pre-Train

Intensive Pre-Train might be the perfect supplement for you if you’re looking for a boost during your workouts. This addition to your diet will focus on improving your energy levels and strength while you’re training. 

Just one scoop will give you a boost, and it’s so strong that it is not recommended to take more than this in a day.

This stackable supplement allows you to combine it with other targeted supplements. Intensive Pre-Train can help those who enjoy weightlifting, running, and other forms of exercise, and can increase endurance and stamina.

A list of ingredients including caffeine, Ashwagandha extract, and Thiamine gives you a superb chance at improving strength, stamina, energy, and testosterone levels. It can help you to be more focused during your workout sessions, recover better and faster, and burn fat quicker.


  • It can help you to stay focused and motivated during workouts
  • May naturally increase testosterone levels
  • It can help improve stamina, endurance, and energy
  • Instant effects
  • Ashwagandha to help improve strength and testosterone
  • Thiamine to help burn fat faster
  • It can help you to recover better after working out


  • Caffeine could disrupt your sleep pattern
  • No focus on increasing muscle


  • Intensive Pre-Train can keep you focused and motivated during your workouts, with caffeine to improve focus and Ashwagandha extract to increase energy levels
  • Thiamine is another key ingredient in this supplement that can aid the burning of fat
  • It has been reported to reduce fatigue and improve energy during workouts, with effects taking hold within just half an hour
  • It could also increase your muscle mass and strength levels
  • It could help to combat the effects of low testosterone levels, bringing your hormones into a better balance

User Experience

Customers of Intensive Pre-Train enjoy the renewed focus and motivation which comes after taking this supplement. The caffeine can help to increase your energy and focus levels, and Ashwagandha extract could improve low testosterone levels – the perfect combination for a great workout.

People using Intensive Pre-Train also liked that the effects of the supplement could be felt in less than an hour. They reported more energy and strength, and less fatigue particularly after exercising.  

4. PhenQ

Losing fat or maintaining a healthy weight can become more challenging as we age. Building muscle can also become more difficult, with more effort needed to see fewer results. PhenQ is a supplement that is targeted towards fat loss, helping users to achieve their fitness goals. 

More than 190,000 people use PhenQ for its ability to help burn fat in five different ways.  With a formula that has been tested and researched over and over, this effective supplement can reduce excess fat and help you maintain a healthy weight.

A potential effect of PhenQ is reducing your appetite and making you feel less inclined to binge eat or snack throughout the day. 

You might also notice an increase in energy after taking PhenQ. This can help you to maintain a workout schedule, and tackle more intense workouts. In addition, more energy often means that you feel in a more positive mood, which makes you more likely to stay on track with a health and fitness programme.

The natural ingredients in PhenQ can help you to reduce excess fat and feel more energetic. Caffeine in this supplement can aid with focus, and limit fatigue while you’re exercising.


  • It could help you to feel more positive and focused
  • No prescription needed
  • It can reduce your appetite and cravings
  • Five different ways for targeting fat
  • A natural formula developed through scientific research
  • Get your money back if you are not satisfied


  • No focus on building muscle
  • Does not improve muscle aches and pains


  • Backed by research and tested multiple times, PhenQ uses ingredients including caffeine to help you maintain focus and burn more fat
  • This supplement may prevent new fat cells from being produced, helping you to maintain a healthy weight
  • PhenQ can help you to improve your mental health, combatting the effects of low mood and depression
  • It can also reduce your appetite and help you to feel less hungry, limiting the time you spend craving food or reaching for snacks
  • PhenQ can increase energy levels, helping you to enjoy intensive workouts

User Experience

People who bought PhenQ said it was helpful on their journey to burning excess fat. They said fewer cravings and the feeling of being fuller for longer periods of time were two of the key benefits of this supplement. Users in Australia were generally more able to stay on track with a health and wellness programme.

Taking PhenQ in the late afternoon or evening can cause problems for your sleep pattern due to the caffeine. People with experience of using this supplement said it works most effectively earlier in the day and before a workout, providing more focus and strength.

5. Creatine

To continue with an effective workout programme, you need focus, endurance, and stamina. Creatine is a supplement that is able to provide a boost to your energy levels before working out.

It is a popular choice with Australian weightlifters and those who enjoy strength training since it can help you to lift heavier and longer. Those who regularly do HIIT and other forms of high-intensity exercise may also find this supplement beneficial. 

Available in an orange and mango flavour, Creatine can help to build muscle faster by enabling you to lift heavier weights and engage in longer workouts. It can also create the appearance of bigger muscles. 

As well as being used as an effective pre-workout supplement, Creatine has three key ingredients to help you stay pumped. It includes minerals that ultimately can strengthen the recovery of your muscles after exercising. 

Sodium and potassium – two of the ingredients found in Creatine – help stop you from becoming dehydrated and could even help you train more. 


  • Could help with recovery of muscles
  • Could help you to train harder and for longer
  • Replenishes important minerals lost while working out
  • May improve endurance and help with HIIT
  • Tasty orange and mango flavour
  • Stackable with other protein sources and supplements
  • Reported to reduce fatigue while exercising


  • No focus on increasing testosterone
  • No focus on fat burning


  • Creatine replaces minerals and nutrients lost while working out, giving your body the best chance of recovery after exercising
  • It may improve your endurance, stamina, and energy levels so you can lift heavier and train for longer  
  • As well as helping during your workouts, Creatine can keep you focused and energetic outside of the gym too
  • Potassium and sodium are key ingredients that help enhance your muscles and prevent you from getting dehydrated when working out

User Experience

The popular orange and mango flavour makes this supplement a hot favourite with people in Australia. Customers who have used Creatine reported higher strength and energy levels in the gym, and better recovery after their workouts. 

Less fatigue is another key effect that was reported. This enabled users to exercise for longer, lift heavier, and maintain a workout programme more easily. 

6. HyperGH 14x

HGH is the ‘growth hormone’ which is responsible for the production and growth of new cells in our bodies. Since cells must recover after exercising, HGH supplements can help to speed up the recovery process and build muscle quicker. It’s important to note, however, that HGH supplements cannot be used without medical supervision.

If you’re looking for one of the best HGH supplements on the market, HyperGH 14x is an option that naturally helps to release this hormone. It can lead to increased muscle mass and better recovery after training. 

It is believed that this supplement could even help to burn excess body fat. It is a safe product that comes with a money-back guarantee for an extra layer of customer protection. 

Around-the-clock customer support is also provided by HyperGH 14x, giving you peace of mind for any questions or queries.

HGH plays a part in sleep quality and regulation, which means you could see improvements to your snoozing if you start taking this supplement. It’s also a suitable supplement to take before your workouts.


  • Could help to burn fat
  • Can help with muscle recovery and muscle building
  • Money-back guarantee within 67 days
  • 24/7 customer service available
  • Increases the growth hormone and releases naturally and safely
  • Could help to improve sleep


  • Effects are not the same for everyone
  • It could take six months to see a noticeable difference


  • HyperGH 14x could enhance muscle recovery after workouts, and help you to see better results from your training programme
  • It could help to naturally and safely release HGH (growth hormone) into your system
  • It can improve energy levels and increase stamina and endurance to help you get more from your exercise sessions
  • This supplement could result in more lean muscle mass

User Experience

Many of the people using HyperGH 14x commented on the benefits they saw with muscle recovery in particular. For a lot of users, this meant they could exercise more often or for longer periods of time. 

Some other customers spoke about the changes to their sleep, noting improvements in the quality. This is something that can be expected from a HGH supplement since this hormone is heavily linked to your body’s internal clock.

7. Ritual Multivitamins

Supplements are not just something people should take when they get older. Everyone should take supplements and nutrients to keep themselves healthy. The modern diets in the west mean increasing numbers of people are lacking in key vitamins and nutrients. 

Multivitamins are one of the most common types of supplements to take. They are suitable and available for children and adults, although they will vary across age groups. Multivitamins don’t focus on helping you to build muscle, but rather they focus on your overall health.

Ritual Multivitamins offers customers a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, and free shipping to help keep the cost down. This supplement is suitable for vegans and those with a gluten-free diet. 

It is also suitable to take this supplement on an empty stomach, thanks to the delayed release feature. Ritual Multivitamins contain ten ingredients, and the packaging is laced with mint to preserve freshness. Among the vitamins included are many which could improve the health of your brain and heart. 

  P R O S

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Delayed release making them suitable to take on an empty stomach
  • Could help improve the function of muscles and cells
  • Ten ingredients
  • Supplement bottle laced with mint
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial colours of filters
  • May enhance the health of your brain and heart

  C O N S

  • No focus on muscle building
  • Not expected to help with recovery of muscles
  • No focus on increasing strength levels


  • Ritual Multivitamins have a delayed release feature which means you can take these supplements on an empty stomach
  • There are no artificial colours or preservatives used in these supplements, which are created using ten ingredients
  • The vitamins and nutrients absorbed through these supplements could enhance the health of your brain and heart
  • Ritual Multivitamins could also enhance the function of your muscles and cells, and support a healthy immune system
  • It is available for men and women, across all age groups, so you can find a supplement that is perfect for you

User Experience

Those who used Ritual Multivitamins were mainly taking these supplements to plug any important gaps in their daily diet. Some of the nutrients provided in these multivitamins can help with brain and heart health, and overall well being. 

Both men and women from all age groups reported on their use of Ritual Multivitamins, with one of the most-loved features being that this supplement can be taken on an empty stomach. 

Muscle Mass Supplements – Your Buying Guide

Finding the right supplements for building muscle mass can be difficult and confusing at first. Here are some of the main things to consider when looking for supplements. 

Pre-Workout Protein Supplements

Supplements to take before your workout have important amino acids to help you feel more energetic. Supplements targeted specifically for pre-workout use include ‘branched-chain amino acids’, or BCAAs, to help muscle contractions. Caffeine is also used to help enhance energy and focus.

You should take these types of supplements half an hour before working out, which will help you to work out more during your session. 

Post-Workout Protein Supplements

After your workout, you need to focus on supplements that help your muscles to recover and aid protein synthesis. Muscles are likely to swell or ache after you’ve exercised, and these supplements will target those problems and help to limit any pain. 

Supplements for after your workouts should also include vital nutrients and minerals your body has lost through sweat. Replacing these after exercise is crucial to building a healthy body. 

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural testosterone boosters are used by professional bodybuilders and amateurs alike. Testosterone begins to drop as we age, which can result in loss of muscle and a lack of ability to effectively gain muscle mass. 

Finding supplements that naturally boost testosterone levels is important. Avoid Anabolic Steroids that can increase testosterone, which are unsafe for your body and also illegal.  


Men and women in Australia over the age of 40 should strongly consider taking multivitamins to support overall wellbeing. Many of us have gaps in our diets and multivitamins can provide the important nutrients and vitamins needed. 

Weight Loss Supplements

Consistent fat gain could prevent you from effectively building muscle and achieving your fitness goals. Maintaining a healthy weight is important not only for your overall wellbeing but if you have goals to build muscle mass.

Older people struggle to lose fat or maintain a healthy weight since our metabolisms slow down as we age. Supplements targeted at weight loss might help you to feel more energetic while working out and can assist you in losing unwanted weight.

Is it Stackable?

It’s always good to know if the supplements you’re interested in can be stacked alongside others. The flexibility to stack your supplements could mean you see more positive effects after taking them. 

No additives or GMO

Check whether the supplements you’re looking to buy include any artificial of harmful additives, colours, and filters. Always look at the ingredients list and dig a bit deeper if you don’t recognise something. 

Some people are allergic to some of the ingredients found in supplements. If you’re not sure, or have any adverse reactions, contact your doctor or allergist to find out more. 


Before buying any supplements, check whether it is suitable for your gender and age. Some multivitamins and other supplements are suitable for all people of all ages, while others are targeted specifically at women of a certain age or men in general. 

FAQs About Supplements That Increase Muscle Mass

Let’s now look at some of the most popular questions about supplements for building muscle. 

Q. Are Muscle Mass Supplements safe?

For healthy people who do not have any health conditions, most supplements are perfectly safe to use. You should always consult with your doctor before including anything additional such as supplements in your diet. 

 Q. Is it Legal to Take Muscle Mass Supplement?

Yes, it is legal to use natural supplements for improving muscle mass. It is not legal to take Anabolic Steroids or HGH, which can cause serious problems to your body and should only be used under the guidance of a doctor or other health provider. 

Q. When is the Best Time to Take Muscle Mass Supplements?

The best time to take your supplements depends largely on what supplements you’re using. Supplements designed for before your workout should be taken around half an hour before you exercise, while those targeted at post-workout recovery should be taken within 30 minutes afterwards. 

You should be able to find more information about the specific supplement you are taking on the packaging, with any user guide, or online. 

Q. Are there any Side Effects?

There are no health risks associated with taking natural supplements for building muscle. You may experience some side effects, such as struggling to fall asleep, since many supplements contain caffeine.

People who are highly sensitive to caffeine should look for caffeine-free options, and should take supplements in the first half of the day rather than later aat night. 

Supplements such as those which stimulate the growth hormone could have the opposite effect and improve your quality of sleep. 

Q. How to Boost Muscle Growth?

It’s crucial to ensure you’re getting a high enough intake of protein if you want to build muscle mass. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, and regularly engaging in strength training, are two of the key ways to grow your muscles. 

Whey protein can be added to smoothies and shakes to enhance results within a shorter time frame, and boost your muscle building efforts.  

Q. Will Supplements Help to Enhance Libido?

Due to the fact that many muscle mass supplements also help to boost testosterone levels, you might find that they enhance your libido too. 

Supplements which increase testosterone levels are particularly helpful for older men as the levels of this hormone naturally increase, or for those who do not produce enough testosterone due to hormonal imbalances. 


A consistent and balanced diet and workout programme is the key for effective muscle building, but supplements are often necessary to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals. 

Many bodybuilders – professional and amateur – invest in supplements to help improve muscle strength and mass, and reach their body goals. TestoPrime is highly recommended if you’re looking for a supplement which increases testosterone naturally. 

Supplements which build muscle can also make you more energetic, less fatigued, and more focused even when your workout has ended. Before taking any new supplements, speak to your doctor and look into the products yourself.  

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