When you’re struggling to start your fat-reducing program, it’s going too slowly for your liking, or you just need that extra something, then fat-burning supplements can be the answer.

These supplements have the potential to get you closer to your health-related goal if you are relying on a regular, consistent routine for your workouts and eating properly.

In this guide, we’ve focused on natural fat burners, so there’s no need to spend time worrying about whether you’ll be ingesting unwanted chemicals.

Getting the lowdown on vegan fat burners can be harder to do. We’ve talked with trainers and experts in nutrition to help us put this recommended list together. 

So, without further delay, here are our top vegan fat burners for your consideration.

Our Top Vegan Fat Burners (2021 Updated) 

1 - PhenQ

The PhenQ brand is a thermogenic fat burner. It will assist you in burning fat when it is included as part of a good exercise program, combined with solid nutrition. 

For people serious about weight loss and willing to keep to a reasonable eating plan, this product is safe and will get results. The energy surge from the inclusion of caffeine also helps to get you going, especially if you plan to do morning workouts but are finding it too exhausting. That’s no longer the case when using PhenQ.

Anyone who has a sensitivity to caffeine should consider cutting back on their coffee or energy drink intake if they choose this product. Both will likely be too much for them when used in combination, rather than in moderation.

  P R O S 

  • Energy addition for getting through the most demanding workout
  • Reduces hunger
  • Think clearer and improve your mood
  • Replace electrolytes that have disappeared

  C O N S

  • The high amount of caffeine

As a natural supplement, PhenQ rides high with its great fat-burning ability and enough energy to help you burn sufficient calories too. Look for discounts for bulk purchases to keep the costs affordable. 

2- Leanbean

LeanBean  is a weight supplement for women who wish to lose weight. It’ll still work fine for men as well, but it is marketed at women. It is also great for vegans. Designed to work best with fasting, timed, or intermittent fasting, this fat burner can prove highly effective as part of a strong plan to progressively lose body mass. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests that women find this particularly appealing because there are no GMOs in the ingredients.

The inclusion of green coffee bean extract along with popular green tea provides an excellent thermogenic response. It also passes the litmus test for being natural too.

To boost the ketones, both raspberry and turmeric ones are included. This should give the brain a healthy boost when a busy day of work is approaching.

  P R O S 

  • A natural supplement with no GMO ingredients included
  • Green tea extract
  • Green coffee bean extract for the caffeine boost
  • Turmeric ketones
  • Suppresses the appetite to avoid overeating

  C O N S

  • Most ketones than some people will be used to

The mix of ingredients is perfect for women. The inclusion of Glucomannan means it’s a valid weight loss product in Europe. For best results, consume two capsules at each meal, three times a day.

3- Burn Lab Pro

The Burn Lab Pro range of products is popular with trainers and their clients. 

The brand is very open about the ingredients in the product, which gives people the confidence to try it as a fat burner. Burn Lab Pro is a solid vegan fat burner with dependable ingredients that you can trust. It also gives great results. 

  P R O S 

  • Aims to pump up your energy levels and get the residual fat burning well
  • Appetite is less of a temptation
  • Vegan approved
  • Zero caffeine

  C O N S

  • Sold on the Burn Lab Pro site; not retail channels

This fat burner doesn’t require multiple daily doses to work. As a result, it’s more convenient to use because it’s a single dose per day product. Ideally, consuming it 60 minutes before hitting the gym or the park will be fine. As a result, there'll be no awkward questions to answer at the office. 

Will work well with practitioners of timed fasting. Indeed, the product is designed with fasting in mind, so it’s somewhat less effective for people with normal eating patterns. 

Offered directly from the producer’s website. Potential discounts are available for larger orders. Guarantees provided if unhappy with Burn Lab Pro.

4 - Phen375

Phen375 (not to be confused with PhenQ) uses a manufacturing site that’s FDA approved. 

Weight loss results are good when this product is used. You’ll enjoy better sleep, improved energy levels, and no unpleasant stomach issues, which can be a problem with some fat burners. 

Don’t confuse Phen375 with diet pills alone. This vegan fat burner includes a pleasing mix of high-quality ingredients to promote positive health and sustained energy.

  P R O S 

  • Stokes your metabolism to burn fat sooner
  • Reduced cravings for your favorite foods
  • Get better results in the gym

  C O N S

  • Non-retail products, sold on their site only

Fat loss is made easier when using Phen375. Fat is burned most effectively when Phen375 is combined with an effective exercise program and sensible eating plan.

5 - Powher Fat Burner

Produced for women, Powher Cut is a top vegan fat burner. It helps users drop the pounds when they are struggling to get in shape. Made using all-natural ingredients, it does an excellent job of curbing food desires, preventing excessive tiredness early in the day, and it also helps to balance the body.

Primarily made using Konjac root, this fat burner acts like a prebiotic to work on gut health and wellness. The Glucomannan (the Konjac root) is a soluble fiber, so it's easy to digest, which helps users to avoid gut issues.

  P R O S 

  • Works to boost the metabolism for faster fat burning
  • Helps a woman to keep busy for longer
  • Prebiotic that promotes better guts
  • Helps to lose weight

  C O N S

  • The caffeine level is balanced but watch the levels if you’re a coffee regular drinker

Rehydration is recommended with this fat burner. Taken thrice before meals, it should be used in combination with daily exercise for best results.

6 - Lean PM

Lean PM is designed as a vegan fat burner that does its main work while you sleep. 

The goal with this burner is to give you that extra 100 calories or perhaps greater fat burning overnight. This won’t be to the exclusion of a healthy diet or getting some regular exercise though.

What stands out here is not only the idea of burning fat while sleeping, but that this product has no stimulants. So, if you struggle with caffeine or other stimulants, or they keep you awake at night due to their half-life, then Lean PM could be the answer. 

This fat burner detoxifies with its inclusion of green tea extract. It helps to prevent sleep problems due to too much artificial stimulation.

  P R O S 

  • Raised metabolism for advanced fat burning at night
  • Detoxify with green tea extract
  • Promotes better sleep by being stimulant-free

  C O N S

  • Not as good for suppressing hunger

Lean PM is natural, includes green tea for detoxification, and doesn’t contain caffeine. While it lacks something in the suppression of appetite, it does give you an extra fat loss advantage. We can happily live with that compromise. This fat burner is ideal for people who don’t react well to caffeine or suffer from sleep issues.

7 – NutraLeaf

All plant-based, NutraLeaf is getting more attention because of its primarily natural credentials. 

The product has been found to stop new fat cells from being created, as well as promote fat loss. It also includes raspberry ketones to encourage fat to transform into fatty acids that will send your  metabolism into high gear

  P R O S 

  • Plant-based supplement
  • Stops fat cells from being created
  • Raised the metabolism using increased fatty acids
  • Raspberry ketones to get the metabolism engine revving faster
  • Suppresses hunger better than some other fat burners

  C O N S

  • Some ingredients are organic, but not all

NutraLeaf works well with a planned fasting cycle. Natural ingredients include cayenne to prevent cravings from ruining your weight loss plans. 

Although NutraLeaf is not entirely organic, it does contain all-natural ingredients and is plant-based too. It is very effective as a fat burner for vegans.

8 - Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn is produced in a lab that’s been approved by the FDA. 

It contains high-end ingredients like green tea extract and Garcinia Cambogia, as well as raspberry ketones.

The manufacturer believes the emphasis on natural ingredients will accelerate the fat-burning process. This  fat burner is thermogenic, but it’s targeted to avoid losing muscle mass along with the fat, so it’s a good choice for weightlifters. 

  P R O S 

  • Natural ingredients to accelerate fat burning
  • FDA approved lab
  • Gluten-free
  • Avoids losing muscle with the fat
  • Calm your mood

  C O N S

  • Not everyone finds this fat burner good for their guts

This gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural fat burner is good for people who want a natural product from a lab with an FDA certification. The thermogenic process may help to burn through fat quicker, but the higher caffeine levels may cause gut problems with some users.

Do Thermogenics Work for Weight Loss?

Yes, they certainly do.

Thermogenic products use natural ingredients that are excellent fat burners. When taking them, the body’s natural temperature is elevated moderately which helps to stoke the fat-burning engine, your metabolism.

Different natural, often plant-based ingredients provide varied results, but almost all can serve to assist in the loss of fat. For instance, caffeine is a natural product found in 50+ plants. It has the effect of suppressing your appetite, boosting fat burning, and making you more alert. 

Green tea in an extracted form can help the guts to perform better. Some natural ingredients may also assist fat cells in converting into new ones that help the metabolism to speed up too.

Soluble fiber is present in many natural supplements. It’s also thermogenic and can burn fat while being easier to digest too. This type of fiber also satisfies and acts as an appetite suppressor due to encouraging you to eat less than before. 

 Fat-burning supplements are often designed around timed fasting to get even better results. Others do their work at night. 

Do Vegan Fat Burners Have Side Effects?

It’s possible to get some side effects with a vegan fat burner. This may happen more frequently when not following the dosage advice and taking too many.

If you’re concerned about potential side effects, here are the most common ones to watch out for.


Many vegan fat burners include caffeine when using natural ingredients. Just like with a coffee or a soda drink, the caffeine present may cause you to get the jitters. This could be a jumpy leg or being less still than normal. Green tea extract or another plant-based ingredient that includes caffeine can have this effect. However, it’s no different from taking a similar amount in a couple of cups of coffee. It just depends on how you normally react to caffeine. Some vegan fat burners do not include caffeine, so if you dislike its effects, look for these. 


Not being able to sleep is linked to coffee beans or green tea that’s included in extract form. Because many fat burners naturally have caffeine in them, limit your caffeinated drink consumption to balance it out. Having too much caffeine will cause weight loss to be suppressed, so overdoing it won’t get you better results. 


It’s possible to feel nauseous when taking too much of a vegan fat burner product. When consuming various supplements, it's often a protein powder that’s the cause rather than a fat burner. You’ll need to isolate what you’re taking to determine what product is creating the reaction. Taking too many supplements, especially new ones, makes it far more difficult to discover the culprit. 


Headaches can come from overconsumption. Commonly when taking multiple supplements, a certain extract can be included in multiple products and be too much for the body. This can result in a headache. Either too little or too much caffeine can do it too. This is why we recommend limiting the stacking of supplements to better control any unwanted side effects. Similarly, trial and error with your supplement regimen including ease off or halting a certain supplement to isolate what’s causing the headaches will help. 

Natural Fat Burning Ingredients

Particular foods and drinks are ones that nutritionists typically recommend promoting fat burning and overall fat loss. It is not just about calorie restriction alone; there are health benefits and fat-burning advantages to using natural ingredients derived from plants. 

1. Caffeine: Likely the most commonly used stimulant on the planet. It provides thermogenic results that increase your body temperatures moderately to aid in burning fat and reducing your desire to eat more. Without caffeine, any fat loss product won’t be as effective, all other things being equal.

2. Green Tea Extract: The extract doesn’t provide a green tea taste if it’s not for you. But as an antioxidant, it can help to burn more fat. It also will detoxify the body too. So, better guts avoid upsetting the body’s metabolism and keep the fat burning continuing as long as you want it. 

3. Soluble Fiber: Some ingredients are fibrous and highly soluble. This means they make you feel full before you’ve eaten more. It helps to consume food more slowly because it requires time to realize you’re already full. But soluble fiber gives you a fuller feeling even before you’ve started on a meal, which is a key advantage. 

4. Yohimbine: The inclusion of this ingredient originating from Africa assists with weight loss goals. It is supposed to be an aphrodisiac too, so take note of that. 

5. Raspberry Ketones: To have more power in your brain for business tasks or to power through a workout, ketones can get it done. They also enhance focus when you’re being pulled in multiple directions. 

6. Coleus Forskohlii: This ingredient is not a profound one to improve fat loss. However, it does get the testosterone levels nudged up a bit, so completing your exercises when you’re tired becomes easier. Testosterone can also assist with aching muscles too. 

7. Capsaicinoids: The extract has some heat behind it, but you won’t notice that in a supplement. It can be an effective fat burner. 

8. Synephrine. This ingredient isn’t sold separately in many stores. Admittedly, it’s tough to locate. It’s present in some natural fat burners because it’s useful for getting fat cells to be more cooperative and to reduce the weight on the scale too.

Concentrated Fat Burning Ingredients

Some ingredients that are successful for fat burning aren’t plentiful in the food supply. They are often included in protein powder products because they help to recover from a workout. Muscles can recover faster. The following ones fall under this category and are often included in the ingredient list of many vegan fat burners too. 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

As an altered way to get Omega-6, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) plugs a gap because your body is incapable of creating it. It’s necessary to obtain it through what you eat. CLA can give fat some stimulus to begin breaking it down, so it’s beneficial that way. 


For the main amino acids that the body requires, this is one of them. It can reduce how much you want to eat. Also, it oxidizes fat and burns through it too. L-Tyrosine is included in many products for weight loss now. 


L-Carnitine has been found to play an important role in moving fatty acids out of fat storage. These are then used by the muscles, helping to keep them going during a workout while indirectly losing fat at the same time. 

Common Non-Vegan Ingredients in Fat Burners to Look Out For

There are vegan fat burners and ones that don’t state that. Subsequently, it’s a little confusing for consumers because a product can be plant-based, but not vegan. 

It’s best to look at the ingredients listed on the product label to know for sure.

If you do see any of these listed below, don’t buy that fat burning product:

  • Linoleic Acid

  • Glucosamine

  • Gelatin

  • Progesterone

  • Glutamic Acid

While the ingredient list is usually prodigious in fat burners, the above are the most common ones to be avoided. 


What is the best vegan fat burner and appetite suppressant?

Garcinia Cambogia is seen as one of the better vegan fat burners. L-tyrosine also does well to stop you from wanting to eat more and can be an effective fat burner. 

When should you take vegan fat burners?

Most vegan fat burners (and non-vegan ones alike) recommend taking the capsules shortly before consuming food. The idea is that it makes food absorption quicker and when taken before eating, feelings of nausea become less likely too. It’s worth noting that some fat burners are a once-a-day capsule whereas most are two capsules, three times a day before mealtimes. Check the label to avoid overconsumption of a once-a-day fat-burning product.

Are vegan fat burners safe?

They are safe when keeping to the daily dosage recommendation. The idea here is not to have too much of any one ingredient. For instance, having too much caffeine can give you the jitters. Other ingredients, even when naturally produced from plants, can also overwhelm the body if taking too much of them. Therefore, vegan fat burners are safe when taking the correct dosage that’s designed to avoid problems.

When in doubt, you can begin by taking less of the supplement and see how you go with it before moving up to the regular dosage. They’re not like medicine where failing to take the full dosage, such as with antibiotics, will prevent them from working effectively. Fat burners aren’t like that; they’ll just be not as effective until moving up to the full recommended dosage. 


Should vegans take fat burners?

There is no reason why vegans should not use a fat burner. Just ensure the product is labeled as vegan, so it meets your preferences and/or requirements. Vegan-based fat burners are just as effective as non-vegan ones; it doesn’t fundamentally change their effectiveness.

Can you use a vegan fat burner with other supplements?

It is possible to take a vegan fat burner and consume additional supplements too. It should be noted that by doing so, some ingredients may duplicate and be too much for your body causing an upset stomach. Therefore, if you have a known particular sensitivity, e.g., caffeine, then be mindful of where you’re getting it from and the total intake per day. 

When looking at the product labels, note any highlighted points or warnings, along with what ingredients may either clash or cancel each other out. 

Lastly, it’s worth stating that it’s bad practice to take a vegan fat burner and a non-vegan one at the same time. It won’t be true that they contain all the different ingredients. Because most of these products primarily will be plant-based, they'll likely have considerable overlap. This often leads to side effects when acting unwisely, so don’t double up on multiple fat burners of different types.

How do you use fat burners?

Designed for a short period, fat burners are an addition to exercising and a good diet. They are not intended to burn fat when the person doesn’t change an unhealthy diet or a sedentary lifestyle. No magic is being performed here! Fat burners will help things along, and often perform better when you do too.

Repeated or ongoing supplementation of fat burners is a bad idea. The body adjusts to the same ingredients and the fat-burning results worsen with time. 

It’s suggested that cycling onto a fat burner for around a month, with a two-week or longer break between cycles is best. Doing so will prevent the most common potential side effects. Also, always look at the product label for dosage and cycle recommendations. 

What Is the Best Vegan Fat Burner?

While there are many ways to weigh up the different vegan fat burners, PhenQ repeatedly comes up as the one that really delivers.

The brand, its product, and the innovative approach are the main points of encouragement here. The product performs best when used with a program of planned fasting or a calorie-restrictive diet. Its vegan credentials and fat burning put it over the top.

The positive reviews across the internet also attest to the power of this product. 

What has been your experience so far? Have you lost fat when trying a vegan fat burner?

About the Author

Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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