In the United States, it is estimated that up to 30% of the male population suffers from low testosterone levels. Testosterone dysfunction is a complex issue that can have many different causes and underlying factors, and as such there is no single way to prevent it or cure it.

In order to explore one of those factors in more detail, we will be taking a look at how Boron affects testosterone levels. What we found was that studies have shown Boron to increase free testosterone levels in rats by inhibiting the enzyme which converts hormone into estrogen (aromatase).

The enzyme aromatase converts testosterone in humans, and as such is vital to testicular development, as a lack of it would result in infertility. Also, high levels of estrogen are seen in women with PMS and menopausal symptoms.

As we have seen in our previous article about Magnesium, Boron enhances the production of estrogen and other hormones such as cortisone; therefore if we give Boron supplements it should also support the production of testosterone from its precursor supplements.

There are many different causes why somebody would have low testosterone levels. One of these is zinc deficiency. Zinc is needed in order to produce the enzymes that regulate testosterone production, therefore people suffering from low zinc levels will experience a decline in testosterone production as well.

This would be one of the reasons why Boron should be supplemented with other testosterone precursor supplements. If we take a supplement that includes Boron along with Zinc and Magnesium, we can expect to see more results in the form of higher testosterone levels than if they were taken individually.

Sidenote: A study done on rats shows that chronic boron intake raises free and total T by inhibiting aromatase activity, boosting T production and minimizing estrogenic side effects.

Does boron work as a supplement to boost testosterone?

In humans, boron is not known to have a direct effect on testosterone levels. There has been some research done in the past on animals, which can't always be applied to humans, and found that boron could increase testosterone levels.

However, in 2001, a study was conducted to look at the effect of different mineral concentrations on testicular steroidogenesis (the manufacture of testosterone) in male rats. The results showed that boron levels in the testes of treated animals were decreased and that serum testosterone levels were normal.

This means that boron is not necessarily good for testosterone production. There have been studies done on men looking at the relationship between boron and testosterone levels; these studies have shown mixed results. A 2002 study found no relationship between boron and total or free testosterone, while a 2004 study did find a small but significant relationship between higher serum boron levels and higher total and free testosterone levels.

Does boron work for ED?

Boron could be one of the most complex minerals on earth. It feeds into glucose production, bone formation, satellite cell division, and more. Boron is also thought to support testosterone production via androgen receptor activation. If you've been reading about the mineral boron it's because it might be a critical mineral for health, but it's also likely that you're interested in one aspect of boron: its effect on ED.

Boron could potentially help by increasing your free testosterone level. However if you are concerned with ED we recommend you research testosterone boosters or talk to your doctor.

Side effects of taking extra boron:

Boron is not recommended to be taken in doses of up to 20 mg per day. There are no known health complications from taking this amount of boron. The side effects of boron supplements include constipation, indigestion, and headache.

How much boron to take for increased testosterone or ED?

There is no consensus for how much boron should be taken to affect testosterone or ED.

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