First things first, we need to mention that if you’re reading this review in the US or UK, the steroid Dianabol is illegal in your country. We want to make sure we do not get our readers in trouble. But we are interested in your best health and fitness goals. So, periodically throughout this review, we will recommend the safe, legal, and effective alternative, D-Bal by CrazyBulk.

Dianabol was developed in the mid-20th century as a hormone replacement therapy. But it didn’t take long for athletes to start using it for tremendous muscle growth and strength gains.

In fact, there are reports that the coach of the San Diego Chargers used to make his entire team take the steroid. By the 60s it was being marketed in the US and abroad, under the brand name Dianabol and its generic name, Metandienone.

However, due to the dangerous side effects, the US and UK governments, as well as most major sports leagues, banned the substance. We’ll review it here and offer reasons to choose the completely legal and safe D-Bal.

D-Bal: Natural Alternative
  • Legal alternative to Dianabol
  • Powerful & researched formula
  • Natural premium ingredients
  • No danger of side effects
  • No need for needles or prescription
  • Rapid Results

How Does Dianabol Work?

Dianabol, like most steroids used for muscle gain, are anabolic. This word is related to other words regarding cell and tissue performance, like metabolic and catabolic.

Anabolic steroids bind to a hormone receptor in cells, and stimulate an increase in protein synthesis in cells. This is especially true in skeletal muscle tissue. In fact, some anabolic steroids are still prescribed for wasting diseases, such as AIDS.

Dianabol Dangers

Of course, as we know from any brain substance like drugs, when you introduce a chemical into your body, your body will have a chemical response. With Dianabol, the results wreak havoc on your health, sexuality, and physical appearance.

For starters, hormones like testosterone are almost exclusively composed of cholesterol. That means when you take Dianabol, your body is going to transform most of that into free-floating cholesterol in your blood. This can lead to an enlarged heart, hardened arteries, heart failure, and death.

Another serious risk is fluid retention. This goes beyond feeling bloated. Steroid use can lead to full-blown edema. This puts strain on your kidneys, and can lead to kidney failure.

In short, use of anabolic steroids like Dianabol can lead to deadly serious side effects. Safe and legal alternatives, however, have been researched to eliminate those risks. Products like D-Bal are safe and do not have any side effects like the ones listed above.

In addition to the life-threatening risks of Dianabol, it can also cause hair loss, sexual aggression, and gynecomastia (the development of woman-like breasts in men). You can even experience acne and seborrhea, which causes red and flaky skin patches on the face.

Legal Risks

Again, Dianabol is illegal in both the US and UK. That means that even if you live outside of those countries, possession of it while you're visiting these countries will get you in legal trouble.

Not to mention that if you’re interested in competing in any events, even amateur ones, you will be disqualified. Outside of the legal implications, it can be ruinous to your public or private life if you’re caught using an illegal substance.

D-Bal, however, is completely safe and legal. Its ingredients have been extensively researched, and proven effective as well as safe. And you won’t have to worry about any legal entanglements.

D-Bal by CrazyBulk

The scientists at CrazyBulk have a simple commitment, and they put it in their motto on every bottle: Bulking, Cutting, Strength.

With every product, they work to combine proven ingredients into effective formulas to give you the results you work so hard for. With D-Bal, there’s no let down. They have found a safe, legal, and effective alternative to Dianabol.

D-Bal will help you gain muscle, burn fat, and reach extreme strength gains in your workout routine. That means you can take D-Bal in your bulking or cutting cycle and know you’re reaching your optimum strength and size goals.


L-Isoleucine: This powerful amino acid has a multitude of functions in the body. According to an article we found at the National Institutes of Health website, L-Isoleucine promotes the secretion hormones and regulates how much protein is synthesized at the cellular level. That means the L-Isoleucine is replicating the two essential functions of Dianabol, with none of the side effects.

Ashwagandha Root: Also known as Indian Ginseng, this is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This matters when you’re in bulking phases, because when you lift weights, you’re actually introducing micro tears in your muscle fibers. When that happens, while the L-Isoleucine is trying to rush proteins into your system, your body's natural tendency is to rush fluids in to heal the tear. By reducing the swelling, your body gets the protein it needs, instead.

Hyaluronic Acid and MSM: Hyaluronic acid is another well-researched substance used to reduce inflammation, used in concert with the Ashwagandha root. The full name for MSM is Methylsulfonylmethane, and is such a powerful anti-inflammatory that it is prescribed for arthritis.

Tribulus Terrestris: A plant grown around the world, it has long been used for its testosterone stimulating effects.

Vitamin D and Magnesium: Both of these ingredients show up on most nutrition labels, and sadly, they show up at far less than the 100% recommended daily allowance. This is especially sad because they have both been proven in numerous scientific studies to be absolutely necessary for muscle growth.

Suma Root: Sold commercially as ‘Brazilian Ginseng,’ it’s actually not related to the Ginseng family, at all. But it has been researched for its testosterone boosting effects. Again, this is important because, unlike Dianabol, this helps your body produce its own testosterone, rather than injecting it dangerously into your system.


There are no known side effects related to D-Bal or any of its ingredients. This means that it can be combined with any of your other supplements. In fact, CrazyBulk recommends you stack D-Bal with DecaDuro, Anadrole, Trenorol and Testo-Max.

And because fitness is only as good as the underlying health, we also made sure that there were no long-term health side-effects from D-Bal. It is healthy, safe, and legal.

Pros and Cons


  • Safe and legal.
  • No need for prescription. 
  • May lead to important muscle growth.
  • Can also help burn fat.
  • Keep gains during cutting phase.
  • No needles, no failed drug tests.


  • Post-workout supplement, so it can be tough to remember.
  • Recommended you cycle off of it for a period every two months.


We cannot in good conscience recommend the use of Dianabol. Despite its effectiveness, it is a banned substance with extreme health risks. It can cause irreparable damage to your heart and kidneys, and it could get you into legal trouble.

The good news is, in our research we did find the safe, legal, and effective alternative, D-Bal from CrazyBulk. It is available on their website for $59.99 for a one-month supply. Or, if you buy two months for $119.98, you get a third month free. And CrazyBulk offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all of its products. So there’s no risk to trying it.

D-Bal: Natural Alternative
  • Legal alternative to Dianabol
  • Powerful & researched formula
  • Natural premium ingredients
  • No danger of side effects
  • No need for needles or prescription
  • Rapid Results


Is Dianabol Effective?

It has been one of the most widely used and effective steroids for decades. But it is illegal, and comes with serious health risks.

Are there Any Alternatives?

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There are, including D-Bal, from CrazyBulk. CrazyBulk has been a leader in safe and effective steroid replacements, and D-Bal fits that bill.

There are no fiber ingredients we could find on their website.

Are there Any Side-Effects to D-Bal?

None that we could find in our research. CrazyBulk addresses the side-effects issue head-on, and even found there was no rise in blood pressure.

Can I stack D-Bal?

Absolutely, and CrazyBulk has even researched which products stack best with D-Bal: DecaDuro, Anadrole, Trenorol and Testo-Max.

How Long Until I See Results with D-Bal?

CrazyBulk boasts that you could see results in as little as 30 days. But some may see results sooner.

About the Author

Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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