Putting on weight, losing muscle, lack of energy, low sex drive or erectile dysfunction, fatigue, high blood pressure and overall poorer health are all signs of decreasing testosterone levels. Although it is common for men over 30 to see a decrease in testosterone production, it can badly affect your physical and physiological wellbeing.

Whether you're looking for a testosterone booster to help you build muscle, you are struggling in the bedroom or you just don’t feel like as young as you used to, Prime Male is one of the best alternatives and popularly known for being effective at naturally boosting the levels of testosterone in the body.

Prime Male Keypoints

Prime Male gets our seal of approval for three main reasons: 

  1. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that adheres to strict guidelines. 
  2. All the ingredients are 100% natural and have already been proven to be safe and effective.
  3. The online reviews from previous customers are overwhelmingly positive.
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What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a premium testosterone support designed to provide a range of essential nutrients to help men maintain a healthy lifestyle as they age. Backed by exhaustive research, this blend of 12 natural ingredients compose a powerful formula that can effectively stimulate production of natural testosterone.

It is particularly useful for men 30 and older whose testosterone levels are naturally decreasing and production is not as active as it used to be. Studies show that testosterone levels decrease by 1% every year after the age of 30, so it is only natural to want to combat that with a powerful supplement that ensures healthy and steady levels. 

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Prime Male Ingredients:

It is important to know what you are consuming, what the ingredients are and what they can do for you. The 12 powerful ingredients used to make Prime Male are some of the best quality ingredients available, and they have been researched to ensure they are effective and that they can work together in providing the ultimate testosterone boosting supplement. 

These are the 12 ingredients included in Prime Male:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

Despite the complex-sounding name, it’s a single amino acid that is known as D-Aspartic acid. It comes in a calcium chelate form which increases water-solubility by up to 75 times. Because of this, the ingredient can be easily absorbed into your bloodstream when taking the supplement, with a very low risk of side effects such as an upset stomach. Research has found that this amino acid is very effective at boosting the natural testosterone levels in the body. One study found that taking just 3g per day can boost testosterone levels by over 40% in just two weeks’ time. It’s also an effective ingredient for boosting sex drive. 

Black Pepper

While this ingredient is not a natural testosterone booster on its own, it is a very important part of this supplement, making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients and helping to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from all of the other ingredients included. 


This ingredient is an essential mineral in your body which serves a large range of purposes including strengthening bones and reducing inflammation. The main purpose of this ingredient in this supplement is to encourage the body to release more 'free' testosterone, with studies that suggest it is effective at doing this up to 30% in just one week. It also helps to suppress estrogen levels, making the testosterone-boosting effects of the other ingredients in Prime Male even more effective.

Korean Red Ginseng

There are various types of ginseng available, offering a variety of benefits for your body. Korean red ginseng is particularly effective for boosting testosterone, which is good news for men who are taking the supplement to improve their sex life. Studies have found that taking this ingredient each day over two months can be very effective in improving your sex drive and increasing sexual satisfaction. 


Men who have high estrogen levels will often take testosterone boosters to balance these hormones. High estrogen in men can lead to several health issues including lower sperm counts, an increased risk of erectile dysfunction, and in some cases, breast development. Found naturally in certain mint leaves, luteolin is an ingredient that helps to block estrogen production in the body. 


This ingredient is crucial for reducing the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels in the body. The majority of the testosterone in your body is bound to the SHBG, making it unavailable to your body. Taking magnesium helps to reduce SHBG levels and leads to more free testosterone that is available for your body to use. 

Ashwagandha Extract

The extract from this exotic herb helps to block the production of prolactin in the body, a female hormone that can cause devastating effects in men. It also fights stress-related cellular damage, which improves how you feel and look overall. It can also help to improve sperm count, leading to better fertility and sexual satisfaction. 

Nettle Root

Nettle root is an effective estrogen blocker in the body and works in a similar way to magnesium by reducing SHBG levels. 

Vitamin B6

It is impossible for your body to make testosterone on its own; it requires the essential ‘building blocks’ for this hormone which is another hormone called androgen. Vitamin B6 increases the production of androgen in the body, which in turn can increase testosterone production. 

Vitamin D3

This vitamin is highly important for testosterone production; however, most men are not getting enough of it naturally. It comes directly from sunlight and with more people spending most of their day indoors, many men are deficient. 

Vitamin K2

When paired with vitamin D3, this vitamin becomes highly effective as a natural testosterone booster. 


Low levels of zinc will often lead to low testosterone production in men. This is because zinc is essential for the production of androgen, which stimulates testosterone production. 

What To Expect From Prime Male?

This high quality blend of natural ingredients are designed for the main purpose of boosting testosterone production. This specific purpose will certainly lead to other benefits. These include:

  • Building lean muscle mass: Testosterone can help you get stronger faster
  • Improved libido: Higher sex drive and sexual stamina 
  • Fat loss: Get rid of excess fat, especially abdominal fat
  •  Blood pressure: Controls blood pressure and aids cardiovascular health
  • Energy boost: Combat tiredness and fatigue
  • Mood improvement: For happier days
  • Increased cognitive function: More focus and sharp mind

Prime Male testosterone boosting formula not only will give your t-levels a needed boost, but will also help you regain energy, youth and improve your overall health to help you feel young again.

When Will I See Results?

Everybody is different and the ingredients work at different times, so there is no exact time when you will see all the results, however, most men that take Prime Male start seeing some changes in a minimum of two weeks, and the full potential and efficacy is seen at around the two-month mark.

Remember that Prime Male is not a magic pill, and with some effort on your side you should see better results. Combining Prime Male with a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you boost the effects for the absolute best results. 

Prime Male Side Effects:

When taking any supplement or medication, it’s always important to consider the risk of side effects. However, since all of the ingredients in Prime Male are natural, the risk of side effects is very low, and the vast majority of reviews from thousands of customers report no unwanted reactions.

Cost And Special Offers:

One bottle of Prime Male is enough for a month, if taken as recommended. If you want to save money you can take advantage of bulk-buy discounts by purchasing four months’ supply at once, which reduces the cost per bottle quite significantly. This is the ideal option for anybody who is looking to take the supplement over the long term.

Free shipping is also available for two and four-month orders. 

Prime Male FAQs:

Is Prime Male Approved by the FDA?

Prime Male is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that must stick to strict quality standards. It is not currently FDA approved because it is not a drug and therefore it does not need the special approval.

Where Can I Buy a Prime Male?

The best place to buy Prime Male is from the official website. Although you can find it for sale at various online sites, it is not recommendable to buy from them as they can be counterfeit and dangerous for you. 

Where Do Prime Male Ship To?

Prime Male products can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

What is the Return Policy?

You can get a replacement bottle or a refund on your purchase within seven days of buying Prime Male. You can also take advantage of a 90-day money-back guarantee when you buy from the official site, allowing you to try Prime Male to see if it works for you or get a full refund.

Are There Any Health Warnings or Restrictions?

No restrictions or health warnings are mentioned by the manufacturer, but it’s worth checking with your doctor before you start taking any new supplement.

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