If you’ve been seeing some of the effects of lower testosterone, you might want to make some changes. Those changes might start with what you eat, and knowing what to consume is maybe more important than knowing what to avoid.

 So we did some deep research into what foods will boost your testosterone naturally. Combined with some effective supplements, and you could see some real results. And not only have we provided the list of good foods, but we also did the research on why these foods are effective. Make sure to check the links and FAQs if you still have some questions.


We’ve all read the articles in Men's magazines, and it seems like every diet list has the same old chicken breast on it. But there’s more to meat than meets the eye.

Lean Animal Proteins

Not all fats are created equal, so while you will find some fatty foods later on the list, for chicken, beef, and pork, stick with lean. The real reason you want lean protein has to do with a complex mechanism related to our activity, our fat levels, and our lean muscle production.

The shorthand notes are these: when we don’t exercise enough, our muscles stop sending signals for cellular reinforcements, like Testosterone; our fat builds up, which triggers the release of cortisol and the further decrease of Testosterone. When we start exercising, and feeding the muscles with lean protein, it lowers our cortisol, and both of those functions trigger the production of more Testosterone.

Fatty Fish

There are two important reasons to go for fatty tuna, salmon, and other fish like mackerel. The first is that fish store their Vitamin D in their fat. So when we consume that fat layer, like in sushi or seared fish, we’re taking in all that Vitamin D. This vital nutrient is absolutely essential in producing all hormones, especially Testosterone.

The second reason is that some research has suggested that Omega-3 fatty acids affect the cell membrane of hormone receptors in the testes, which makes them more sensitive to being low in Testosterone. When the receptors better sense that we’re low, they send more signals to produce Testosterone.

Shell Fish

Some people lump all fish together, especially with all the attention on Omega-3 acids. But shellfish, especially oysters, should have a regular spot in your diet, apart from other fish. And that’s because of the Zinc they contain.

Zinc is an absolutely essential mineral for the proper production and maintenance of male hormones and sexual health. Severe drops in Zinc have been linked to hypogonadism (diagnosed low testosterone). So have a few more on the half-shell.

Fruits and Vegetables

An important food group, but pick wisely. There aren’t many that can really move the needle on Testosterone, and you don’t want to miss them.


In addition to some berries, Pomegranate seeds are high in antioxidants, which can protect not only the hormone producing cells in your body, but even the testosterone itself. Free radicals attack all types of cells and mechanisms in our bodies, and getting antioxidants from foods rather than supplements can be more beneficial.


In addition to the potential benefits of their Omega-3 acids, avocados also have a mineral called Boron. Like Zinc, Boron is essential for hormone health, because it helps the body metabolize Testosterone.

Put another way, you can have plenty of Testosterone in your system, but absorb next to none of it into the tissues that need it if you don’t have enough essential minerals in your diet, like Boron.

Bananas and Pineapples

That’s right, bring on the smoothies. Both of these fruits contain an enzyme called Bromelain, which directly triggers the production of Testosterone. We didn’t find many foods that were so directly effective at triggering hormone production.


A lot of these foods will be easy to incorporate into your diet, if they’re not there already. Whether it’s substituting one burger a week with a sushi night, or having a banana with breakfast, there are a ton of ways to get these proven Testosterone boosters into your routine.


Will Different Foods Really Work?

That’s a tricky question. Only you can know what level of Testosterone is right for you. If you want to keep it natural, and changing diet hasn’t been enough, try our list of natural T-Boosters.

Is Organic Better?

We’ve seen this question go back and forth. On the one hand, we’re all better off with less chemicals in our system. On the other hand, some modified foods have been shown to have more nutrients. The bottom line is to look at the key compound that’s giving you a Testosterone Boost. Generally speaking, less processed meats and fish are better, and high quality produce will have more of the compounds you want.

How Long Do These Foods Take To Boost Testosterone?

That really depends on the food, because that will change what the effect is. For Bananas and Pineapples, the effect could be within days. For lean meats it may take a few workout cycles to really see the benefits.

About the Author

Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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